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Bloom for Sexual Assault Survivors: Online Trauma Support Program Now Available

Recovery from interpersonal trauma is a critical obstacle for survivors of sexual assault or abuse wanting to live full and happy lives. Many survivors are locked out of conventional systems, such as therapy or counselling programs, due to: a fear of being recognized, a lack of affordability for private sessions, or an inability to leave the home. 

Bumble Inc.’s Bumble and Badoo brands have partnered with Bloom to offer free online trauma support to survivors in our community.

Chayn, a global nonprofit, run by survivors and allies from around the world, creates resources to inform and support the healing of survivors of gender-based violence. Chayn creates open-source online resources and services for survivors of abuse that are trauma-informed, intersectional, multi-lingual and feminist, and it operates Bloom. Through intersectional and accessible technology, Chayn helps survivors of gender-based violence identify abuse, recover from trauma, and lead fulfilling lives. 

Bloom was launched in 2020 as a response to the pandemic and the knowledge that not only were many survivors' experience worsened as they were home alone with their abuser, but those recovering from assault were left stranded from their usual therapy and support systems. 

Bumble and Badoo are the first in the online dating industry to offer this kind of free support to its community. The program is currently available in English and Spanish.

Designed for anyone who has experienced or is currently experiencing domestic or sexual abuse, all Bloom courses are packed with tailored information, guidance, everyday tools, and comforting words to cope with traumatic events. The Bloom program involves learning, reflecting, and processing how what we’ve been through may have affected us - all in a safe and empowering space. The custom course curriculum is largely based on the feedback received from survivors within our community. We recently piloted three (3) self-guided courses: 

  • Healing from Sexual Trauma; 
  • Society, Patriarchy, and Sexual Trauma; and 
  • Dating, Boundaries, and Relationships. 

Each six-week module can be completed at the member’s own pace and includes video, activities, and affirmations. In addition, members may also be given access to one-to-one online chat or individual therapy sessions. 

To guarantee privacy and safety, every participant remains anonymous without missing out on a group setting. Bloom uses technology with end-to-end encryption that enables secure conversations, safely recreating in-person group therapy online for vulnerable people. After Bumble or Badoo refers someone to Bloom, the dating app will not have access to any information the individual shares with the nonprofit.

To inquire about these services, report a safety concern through the app or our online contact form.