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IRL dating during Covid

Meeting up is risky right now, so consider a Video Call instead. At least for the time being.

If you do still decide to move things up a gear and meet IRL, here are some steps to help you stay responsible.

Have the Covid chat

Be open and frank with each other. Talk honestly about what you’ve both been up to (Bumble’s Dating 101 can help you navigate this conversation), who you’ve been seeing, and what kind of dates you’re comfortable with.

It’s ok to make risky behaviour a dealbreaker, but if you’re both on the same page with exposure and comfort levels, that’s a green light to move ahead with planning a date.

Choose a spot

Meeting is risky, no matter how much you prepare. But some dates are obviously riskier than others. If you can, try to meet outdoors or at an indoor spot that is big, spacious, and airy.

Agree to a place you’re both comfortable with. Don’t feel pressured into stretching your own boundaries just to please your date. And of course, respect their boundaries as well.

Physical contact

Speaking of boundaries, these days there are extra considerations when it comes to touching each other.

Ask how your date feels about social distancing and understand that any kind of physical contact is high-risk, whether it’s a hug or a hookup.

Finally, think about who else you’re affecting if you get sick. Do you risk infecting family or colleagues? The truth is, during a pandemic, your intimate life is other people’s business too.