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Does Bumble have a swipe limit?

Seeing a screen that you’ve hit the end of the line? Don’t worry; this is not a technical issue.

In order to help foster more genuine, quality connections for our users and encourage more intentional swiping we incorporated a daily swipe limit. We know the more thoughtful our users are about their swipes, the more likely they are to strike up conversations that lead to meaningful connections.

Once you hit your daily swipe limit, you will have to wait 24 hours for your swipes to reset (e.g. if you hit the limit at 8 pm your swipes will refresh at 8 pm the next day). If you would like to continue swiping, you can get unlimited votes with a Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium subscription.

If your swipes don’t reset after 24 hours, reach out to our Support Team so we can get you back up and buzzin’. Here is how to get in contact with our team:

  1. Directly within the app through the "Contact & FAQ" button.
  2. Email our Support Team here.