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My Backtrack isn’t working, what can I do?

Our system enables the Backtrack feature for you after you have swiped at least once in each direction. If you have already done this and are still experiencing a problem with Backtrack, we’d recommend this trick to see if the part of your phone that detects the shake is working correctly:


  1. Open the Notes app on your iPhone
  2. Type any word in to a blank note
  3. Shake your device

You should then see a prompt come up asking if you’d like to ‘undo’. If this prompt doesn’t appear, it could, unfortunately, mean the ‘accelerometer’ in your phone isn’t working correctly or has been disabled in your phone's settings.

If the prompt did appear, it looks like your iPhone is working correctly.


As there is a lot of variation in Android devices we recommend downloading an app from the PlayStore that will test the sensors in your specific device.

If the app informs you that everything is working properly move to the next steps.

Troubleshooting for All Devices:

  1. Sign out of Bumble.
  2. Delete the Bumble app. (This will not delete your profile.)
  3. Clear your web browser's cookies and cache from your device settings.
  4. Redownload the Bumble app and sign back in.
  5. Swipe once in each direction, then left, shake to test Backtrack.

If the issue persists please contact our Support Team here.