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How to navigate first dates

It’s date night! Once you’ve prepared well for meeting IRL, here are our first date tips that will help keep you safe and in a healthy state of mind to have fun.

Physical safety

  • Arrange your own transport to and from a date. This keeps your address private and means you can leave whenever you need to.
  • Remember there’s no pressure to greet your date in any particular way.
  • If you’re drinking, keep an eye on your drink at all times.
  • If something seems strange or feels uncomfortable, listen to your gut.
  • Ask questions rather than trying to rationalize strange behavior.
  • It’s ok to leave early. Politely say that you have to go and leave money for your drinks.

Nerves & anxiety

  • Your date likely wants to impress too, so they’re probably just as nervous.
  • Put yourself first! See the date as a chance to gauge how you feel around the other person, rather than the most important thing being impressing them.
  • Embrace a little silence. No need to worry about the occasional quiet moment. They happen and often reveal way more about how compatible you are.
  • Knowing that dating is about exploration (meaning you’re not a failure if a date doesn’t go well) may help to take some of the pressure off.