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Why am I seeing people outside the filters I set on Bumble?

Are you finding that users are appearing in your swipe queue outside of the criteria you’ve set? This is likely because we’ve introduced a new feature to automatically relax your set filters to give you the ability to see users who are just outside of your preferences. For example, if you set your distance filter to show people who are a maximum of 5 miles away, you’d probably be thinking “I want someone who lives near me” and not necessarily “I want someone who is under exactly 5 miles away.” It’s possible your perfect match--who meets all your preferences--could be 6 miles away. We don’t want you to miss out on any potential matches! 

However, if you’d prefer to never see anyone outside of your preferences,  you do have the option to set certain traits as deal-breakers. To turn off us relaxing your filters:

1. From the swipe deck screen, tap on the preferences in the top right-hand corner.

2. Underneath each filter, you’ll be able to toggle off “See other people if I run out."