Scams and Theft

Bumble strictly prohibits any scam or theft activity intended to defraud or manipulate members out of financial or material resources. We define scams as members making seemingly dishonest or false representations that aim to manipulate or defraud victims for financial gain or cause them loss.

This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Asking other members for financial support in the form of money, loans, investments, or donations
  • Lying about your intentions for financial gain
  • Misrepresenting or faking romantic intentions to manipulate or deceive members out of financial or material resources
  • Misrepresenting or falsely stating facts about yourself (including name, gender, age, and permanent location) for financial gain (See Inauthentic Profiles and Photos)
  • Physically taking someone’s property or assets without their knowledge or permission

Learn about our enforcement philosophy against the guidelines on this page. And, if you believe we’ve made a mistake in taking action on your account or content, you can always contact us here.