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What happens on a Night In?

Starting the video date

After you’ve planned a Night In with your match, you’ll both start the date by tapping the "Night In" icon located at the top header of your chat screen. You’ll be taken to a holding screen where you can check yourself out on the video feed before you start the date. The date will start when you’ve both tapped "start the date."

Starting the trivia game

Once you’re on the date, you can start the trivia game at any time by tapping "Play Game." You’ll be shown a "How to Play" screen. When you’ve both tapped "Let’s do this" the first round will start. 

How does the trivia game work?

The trivia game is made up of 3 rounds of 5 questions each. You must both tap the same answer - so talk to each other and see what your match thinks! You’ll then be shown whether you got the correct answer or not, and the next question will appear. At the end of the round you will be shown your score for that round. 

Do we play against other people?

Your Night In is just between the two of you. You’re playing together to answer trivia questions, but it’s not really about the points. It’s about helping start the conversation and seeing if there’s a spark when you work together. 

What kind of trivia questions will there be?

The trivia game consists of general knowledge questions designed to spark conversation between you and your match. 

How many times can I play?

As many times as you like! When you finish a trivia game you can start a new one with your date if you want to by selecting ‘Play Game’ again from your video chat screen. New questions are added regularly, so if you run out of new games, check back soon for more.

Note: Night In is available only in selected markets. 

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