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Try These Summertime Icebreakers and Their Perfectly Matched Dates

The days are long, the sun is high, the temps are hot, and we wouldn’t be surprised if your creativity and motivation were waning as a result. So, allow us to slide in with an assist. Below are our tried and true summer-themed icebreakers that you absolutely should not hesitate to lean on during the dog days of summer. Start out with one of the playful first moves and then follow up with the corresponding lighthearted date to mel t away any awkwardness and get straight to the heart of your match — whether a friend or potential partner!

First Move: “Ice cream or shaved ice?”

Meetup/Date: A simple “this-or-that” question is the quickest way to strike up a friendly debate, especially when it centers around the merits of summertime sweets. If you’ve got opposing opinions, all the better! Take a taste-testing trip to both a local creamery and a snow-cone joint and pit the two head-to-head.

First Move: “What summer camp activity was your favorite as a kid?”

Meetup/Date: Look no further than your childhood to explore your city in an entirely new way with a camp-inspired outing. Spend an evening mini-golfing, take an intro archery class, or even give a ropes course or zipline a shot for dates that will have you laughing and communicating on a level you typically wouldn’t get on a traditional outing.

First Move: “Which summer blockbuster still holds up?”

Meetup/Date: Speaking of tradition, to many, nothing says “first date” more than dinner and a movie. To stand out, we suggest personalizing the concept. Ask your match which summer blockbuster still deserves 5 stars, and then trade in your normal theater for a drive-in. Not a possibility where you live? Search for special screenings that are equally as unique. Tons of communities host movies in parks, historic theaters, and other unlikely venues throughout the summer.

First Move: “I’m guessing you’re the reason for the heat wave we’re having…”

Meetup/Date: If you really want to test your match’s sense of humor (and, possibly, their patience) on Bumble Date, try your hand at this cheesy line. Then quickly follow up with an invite designed to help you both keep your cool. While we totally understand that shimmying into your bathing suit might feel uncomfortable on a first date, alternative options like kayaking or paddle-boating are other refreshing ways to enjoy the water in a low-pressure way.

First Move: “What’s your typical summer Sunday: Swim, drink, or catch up on work?”

Meetup/Date: We’ve learned that how someone spends a Sunday is deeply personal and offers great insight into their personality. Ask your match their preferred way to spend the last day of the week, then suggest that the two of you venture to new spot to do it together. From bar-hopping to clearing out your inboxes over coffee, you’ll get to know a lot about someone and maybe find a new neighborhood hangout. Do you like to spend your Sundays in different ways? Sounds like you’ve got yourself a second date to a another spot lined up.