How to Deal with Having No Friends

How to Deal with Having No Friends

There are billions of people on the planet, and yet so many of us feel lonely. If you have no friends and are wondering what to do, we have some insight for you. 

Whether you’ve moved to a new city or are looking to expand your friendship group, we created Bumble For Friends to help you forge meaningful connections. Our supportive community is waiting for you to join it. We hope you enjoy our hotlist of how to make new friends today.

Why do I have no friends? Help!

First up, we want to reassure you that it’s probably not you. We bet you’re pretty great, but circumstances can lead to us finding ourselves lonely. Perhaps you’ve moved away from home, thrown yourself into work, gone through a break up, your friends are focusing on starting their own families, or you’ve simply been unlucky. 

If you haven’t found your tribe yet, don’t panic—there’s your whole life ahead of you and with Bumble For Friends, we think that there are a load of awesome people out there just waiting to meet you. And don’t forget, you are not alone. How do we know this? Our global users specifically requested that we create a dedicated space for friendship finding!

Our recommendations for what to do when you have no friends

First up, download Bumble and create a profile on BFF mode: a simplified way to create meaningful friendships. Create an account with up to six photos, write a bio, set your age, gender, and location parameters and you’re good to go. Be sure to add lifestyle and interest badges so potential friends know what you’re all about.

Join a club or a group

Book clubs, hiking groups, cycling meet-ups… There are endless interest groups out there. Look for local clubs that align with your interests and attend their events and meetings. Not only will you be able to nurture your hobbies, but there’ll generally be plenty of people to enjoy them with, too!

Turn your colleagues into friends

We disagree with those who don’t like combining work and play. If you have no friends, a great place to look first is those people who you speak to every day anyway—your colleagues. Why not suggest going for lunch together, grabbing a morning coffee, or a drink after work? The great thing about this one is you already know them and have something in common. You’ll be bonding over your annoying boss in no time…

Take a class 

Taking up a class can be an excellent way to meet people with mutual interests. Be it a language course or cooking class, you may find it easy to strike up a conversation about your new skill, with those who share your passion.

Be your authentic self 

If you want to make true friends, there’s no point pretending to be someone else. You are enough, and the right people will want to be your friend. Be yourself, and be patient. You don’t want to end up with fake friends or people who like you for the wrong reasons.

Join a gym or sports team

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or not, joining a gym or a sports team can be a fantastic way to meet new people. There are plenty of different types of sports catering to all levels of abilities and fitness. Getting active is a great way to break down barriers in a relaxed and fun environment. Not only will you have the opportunity to stay healthy, but you'll also be surrounded by people who share your passion. Sports teams and gyms often have socials, too, so your calendar will be filling up in no time!

Join a sports team when you have no friends

Volunteer your time

If there’s a cause you care about, be it animals, saving the planet, or helping people, look up relevant charities and organizations in your area and offer your time. You also may meet like-minded people while doing good. Win-win. 

Say “yes” to invitations

We were about to say you can’t expect to make new friends by simply sitting on your couch. Then we thought about Bumble For Friends and realized that, actually, you can. However, if you’re looking to meet people, you generally do need to get out there IRL. So a way you could make new friends is to say “yes” to invitations that come your way–from colleagues, local clubs, neighbors, and community organizations–and start building those connections!

Attend networking events 

Next time your boss needs someone to go to an event, you could volunteer yourself. We know it might seem like extra work, but networking provides an opportunity for you to meet people in the same industry or career as you, so you’ll already have something to chat about. Even better, you’ll likely get kudos from your colleagues for going! 

Work on your social anxiety or shyness

Do you feel like social anxiety or shyness is a key factor in why you have no friends? There are plenty of ways to build confidence and work on yourself that will help you flourish into a social butterfly. Getting out there and doing an activity or meeting new people are brilliant potential ways to overcome these feelings and find out new things about yourself. You’ll also be surprised at how many people have similar struggles and insecurities—Bumble For Friends can help you find similar people to take on the world with.

Don't be afraid to meet new people

We understand it can be daunting, but we recommend making an effort to introduce yourself to people whenever the opportunity arises. This could be in your local grocery store, at the library, or in your yoga class. Making new friends requires a certain amount of friendliness, so be approachable and open to meeting people wherever you go. You’ve got this.

Try not to worry about rejection

Rejection doesn’t feel nice, but it’s part of life—we doubt there is anyone in the world who hasn’t been rejected in some shape or form. Some friendships are supposed to be lifelong, while others are fleeting or simply never get off the ground. So if someone rebuffs you, chin up, and move on. It’s their loss!

Don’t be pushy

So, you’re keen to make new friends and are channelling your best confident self. Bravo. That being said, don’t be pushy or overbearing. Read the signs; much like with romantic dating, if someone likes you they will text you back and want to hang out. But no one wants to be pressured or smothered.

Be open-minded 

Your new friends don’t have to be exactly like you. Variety is the spice of life and sometimes it’s those who are different from us with whom we forge the deepest connections, as we learn and grow together. So don’t dismiss someone at first glance because you think you’d have nothing in common—you could get their contact details and give it a go. After all, no one wants a friendship group of clones.

Attend local events

You could pick up a copy of your local newspaper or check out event websites for listings of upcoming events and plan to attend a few. Art exhibitions, concerts, festivals, markets, gigs, and community fairs all provide ample opportunities to meet people and strike up a conversation. Next time you can pick something to go to together!

We hope we’ve inspired you to get online and use apps to make friends. Your safety is a priority, so have a read of our guide to making friends online safely first. Then you’re ready to download Bumble For Friends and get connecting!