Bumble For Friends Profile Tips from our Friendship Expert

Bumble For Friends Profile Tips from our Friendship Expert

Whether you’re looking to build new friendships or expand your current crew, using Bumble For Friends is a fun and helpful way to help you make new connections. Putting yourself out there is one of the first steps to meeting the right people, but building a profile can sometimes be overwhelming. 

As a friendship coach and educator, I’ve helped many people put their best foot forward in building healthy, platonic relationships using research-based strategies. So, let’s walk through how to create a profile that makes you feel like you.

Get in the right headspace 

Approach building your Bumble bio with a spirit of curiosity. Who knows who you might meet and what will become of your connection? Keep an open mind to what “success” might look like. For example, in searching for a tight-knit community, you might find a new connection that simply introduces you to a new artist, or you may just walk away from a first-time hangout with a funny story to remember. Making new friends should be a fun journey. 

Keep an open mind

As you get ready to meet new people, you may have an idea of what your next friendship will be like. However, the reality is that your next friend may be surprisingly different than what you’re used to. Though certain values or characteristics may be non-negotiables, hold space for new friends that may not fit your status quo: maybe they’re older than you, maybe they’re younger than you, or maybe they have interests that don’t necessarily mirror your own. Don’t limit yourself to one type of friend. With the diversity of those within Bumble For Friends, you’ll likely meet amazing people from all walks of life

Lead with your intentions and what makes you unique

Let’s face it: The “About Me” section can feel like the most intimidating portion of any profile. It’s difficult to know exactly what facts and personal philosophies should be included, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed. 

It’s important to lead with your authentic self to attract matches who appreciate you for who you are. In an attempt to build your profile through the lens of what other people might find “fun” and “interesting,” you may be downplaying your needs, values, and preferences. You should own the things that make you who you are! Are you goofy? Do you have a strong position on a particular social issue? Are you looking for a serious friendship or a casual book club? Freely express yourself and be confident in who you are so that you can attract like-minded people.

Use these as your guiding questions as you are building out your Bumble For Friends profile:

  • What makes me special?
  • What brings me joy?
  • What are my friendship intentions?

These questions will help keep you intentional, focused, honest, and authentic. And feel free to make it your own. You’re here to make friends who appreciate exactly who you are, so don’t hide it.

Let your personality shine with “Profile Prompts”

Bumble For Friends offers an array of Profile Prompts that you can add to your profile to let your personality shine—everything from “ideal BFF date?” to “after work, you can find me…” You might be tempted to respond to these prompts with “safe” answers you think others will like. But this is your chance to let others see your quirks, strengths, and lifestyle—all while sparking great conversation.

Be as specific as possible when you’re responding to the Profile Prompts. Instead of saying that you like food, travel, and music (who doesn’t?), share the song you love to start your day with or mention the new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Being specific helps you be more memorable, and it invites better conversation when you connect one-on-one.

Bonus tip: When you see interesting specifics in other people’s profile prompts, use that as an opportunity to start a conversation. Don’t be afraid to make the first move!

Put your best pics forward

When selecting your profile pictures, choose 3-4 images that best convey who you are. This shows a bit of range and helps potential friends get a glimpse into the scope of your interests and personality.

Be sure to include pictures of you in your element—whether you ride horses, work as an engineer, or regularly attend yoga classes, this gives an idea of what brings you joy. Plus, people generally radiate positive energy when doing something they love.

If you have pictures of you smiling, consider including those, too. There’s research that finds that people with smiling images are perceived as being more “similar” and “likable”. No matter what your smile looks like, it ultimately conveys how you look at your happiest, which is universally appealing.

When determining which images to showcase, ask yourself “Who am I, and do these pictures communicate that?”

Highlight your values 

We often find affirmation and validation in connecting with those who share our worldview. If you want to increase your chances of connecting with those who share similar viewpoints, try using Bumble For Friends’ Profile Badges.

Profile Badges are a fun and easy way to indicate your lifestyle and values, giving others a quick way to assess compatibility. Based on those who adopted Bumble For Friend’s Badges in 2022, some of the most popular ones globally included “Exercise” and “Zodiac Sign,” so consider adding either of those to your profile if they resonate with you. 

You can also use Profile Badges to communicate your intentions, letting others know upfront what you want out of your BFF experience. Last year, the most popular selections included “Anything,” which indicates that people are open-minded to any type of friend they make along their BFF journey, to “Nights Out,” “Work Outs,” “Gaming,” and “Travel.”

Avoid negative language

People are often attracted to positivity, so be mindful of how you frame your interests and opinions. For example, instead of saying, “I hate early mornings,” try, “I’m a total night owl.” Reframing these statements not only makes you more appealing to others, but it can connect you with people who enjoy the same things that you do.

What to share in your Bumble For Friends profile

When it comes to deciding how much to share, you should give careful consideration to your safety (mental, emotional, and physical). You’ll want to share enough for people to get a good sense of who you are and what you’re looking for without putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. 

Remember, healthy friendships are formed over time, so as you get to know your matches better, you may establish the kind of trust necessary to open up in a safe space. Never share more than you’re comfortable with (such as  personal details, issues from your past you’re still working out, subjects that feel private) just because you want to keep things going with a match. Instead, allow yourself the space and time to grow in your familiarity with one another and progress in a healthy way.

To make your experience more comfortable, consider using Bumble For Friends’ Photo Verification tool, so you know that people have gone through the process of showing that they are the person in their profile pictures.

If you only remember one thing, remember why you joined Bumble For Friends: you want to meet people who like you for you. To have a fun and fruitful experience, build your profile with thoughtfulness and authenticity, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the type of friendships you’ve been dreaming of.