Active Date Ideas for Fitness Lovers

Active Date Ideas for Fitness Lovers

While dinner and drinks might be your go-to when it comes to meeting up with a new match, why not mix it up with one of our active date ideas? Doing an activity, rather than staring into each other’s eyes across a table, is a fun and relaxed way to get to know someone—plus, you’re sure to have something to talk about from the get-go. From bowling to bouldering, biking to boating, these active date ideas will be memorable at the very least. 

Fun active date ideas

Scream if you wanna go faster at an amusement park

Calling all adrenaline junkies, an amusement park is a great active date idea that’s sure to give you both a thrill. We love this idea for a second or third meet-up when you’ve already got plenty of conversation under your belts. Strap in and enjoy the ride. 

Aim for a bulls-eye at laser quest

It’s a high return for a low investment on a laser-tag date. Not only can this be a wallet-friendly option that’s heaps of fun, but you also don’t need any previous experience. Wear dark clothing to avoid being spotted and be sure that your shoes are comfortable and close-toed. 

Get down and dirty at paintballing

Another active date idea that’s likely to get you both smiling, paintballing can be an awesome alternative if the thought of a romantic candlelit dinner fills you with nerves. Challenge each other with a bit of healthy competition thrown in. It’s also a clever way to get to know more about your date. If they have a tantrum and ruin the vibes when they lose, they might not be for you… Don’t wear your best outfit, unless you fancy decorating it with paint splatters.

Break the ice at a rink

Gliding about ice skating together is a great way to chat without having the pressure of staring at each other over a table. If you’re both terrible at ice skating, no problem, it can be all the funnier for it! Better still, there will be ample opportunity for hand-holding to stop one another from falling over. 

Up the ante in an escape room

A unique date idea that you won’t forget anytime soon, doing an escape room requires you to work together, helping you to form a deeper connection. It takes teamwork, patience, and good communication. Let’s just hope you’re not trying to get away from each other by the time you make it out! 

Try for a hole-in-one at mini golf

Mini golf is a popular date activity and for good reason. Relaxed and requiring zero golfing prowess, you can stroll around the course at your own pace, chatting as you go. It’s a brilliant one on a summer afternoon, and plenty of places will let you buy drinks to keep you satiated.

It’s a full strike on a bowling date

Who doesn’t like bowling? Having your own lane provides privacy but an environment with something else to focus on if you’re worried about the conversation flowing. Plenty of bowling alleys also sell food and drink, so if things go well, why not grab a burger and soda post-game?

Adventurous active date ideas

Get lost on a map together

One for the explorers out there, grab a map of your local area and choose a place you’ve never been to before, then make tracks to it—be it on foot, bike, public transport, or by car. If you’re feeling really brave, why not pick a spot while blindfolded? Discovering places that neither of you has been provides a neutral backdrop for a date because you’re both in an unfamiliar locale. You might also find your new favorite neighborhood in the city!

Race each other at go-karting 

We could make a lot of racy puns here, but we’ll resist… Not one for the faint-hearted, go-karting is a date idea that is sure to get your blood pumping. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting sweaty in and pay close attention to the safety briefing. We don’t want anyone getting injured in pursuit of a new connection!

Aim high at bouldering 

Mix up your dating game with some rock climbing. Whether you’re both novices or experts who can scamper up a wall like monkeys, this will be a memorable date that stands out from the rest. With sessions ranging from 45 minutes to a few hours, you can pick the amount of time that suits you. 

Romantic active date ideas

Hike to a viewpoint 

Don your comfiest hiking boots or sneakers and arrange to meet your match for a hike in your hometown. We think heading to a viewpoint makes for a particularly romantic date activity. This could be the top of a hill, a spot along the river, or a famous landmark. Make sure to have drinks and snacks in your backpack for when you arrive (and plenty of water on hand throughout).

Go on a bike ride

You know when you watch a movie and there’s a deliriously happy couple in it, cycling along together smiling and laughing? That. Channel your favorite rom-com, rent or borrow bikes if you don’t have your own, and explore your area on two wheels. Helmets, sunscreen, snacks, and extra layers are all a must. 

Hire a rowing boat

A super-cute romantic date idea, head to a lake or river and hire a rowing boat, kayak, or pedalo for a few hours. Enjoy each other’s company and the tranquility of your surroundings as you float along in nature. Bonus points for packing a picnic, too.

Sporty active date ideas

Learn a new sport together 

Learning a new sport together is a great way to find out more about your date. Are they competitive, a team player, or a sore loser? We like this idea because you’ll get a health kick, learn something new, and bond with your latest connection.

Take each other to your favorite exercise class

Be it yoga, HIIT, or martial arts, invite your date along to your preferred exercise class to show them how you like to keep fit. Show off your skills in your class, then give it your all when it comes to trying out their chosen activity.

Train each other in the park

Couples who train together, stay together, right? Fitness fanatics will love this idea—design a workout to do with your partner, and take it in turns to put each other through your paces. Introduce some healthy competition by seeing who can do the most reps! Post-workout refreshments on whoever loses… 

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