Art Gallery Date Guide

Art Gallery Date Guide

Six reasons why you should go on an art gallery date:

The best dates are the ones that fill your cup with fun and feed the ever-growing spark between you and your latest connection. One of the best ways to do this is by changing your go-to activities. Traditional dinner and movie dates are fun, but why not tap into something different with your Bumble date this winter season? We’re here to make a serious case for the art gallery date.

  • What is an art gallery?

    If you haven’t been to an art gallery before, you’re in for a real treat. These venues are where famous and local visual/sculptural art is displayed to the public. Day or night, you can walk around curated exhibitions and discuss your thoughts with friends or your new flame.

    Entry to some art galleries is free. However, other institutions require a donation or a purchased ticket upon entry. This latter point is more likely when famous works are on show. So, check ahead to see which venues fit your


    Get ready to dial up your dating plans - Let us tell you why you and your latest Bumble connection should be heading to an art gallery for your next date day (or night). Here are six of our favourite art gallery date tips:

You can get to know each other more

Everyone has different tastes in art. You might like art that's super conceptual, whereas your date may prefer realist art - but isn’t that the best bit? Going on an art gallery date night should spark conversation, allowing you to learn about each other’s likes and dislikes. You may even find you have something in common! 

You’ll also be able to find out about your new partner’s personality. Are they open and confident with their feelings? Or do they prefer to listen to your thoughts instead of sharing their own? These insights will help you get to know your date more. It could also tell whether the two of you are compatible.

An art gallery date night is just as fun

One of the best things about art galleries is you can make it a date day or a date night. While some venues are only open during 9-5, others open late into the night. Usually, night-time openings also cater for special events, and you can bet there will be free cocktails or a bar somewhere, too.

An art gallery date night is also great for those who want a unique way to break the ice. Why not start your evening romantically viewing art in the dark before heading out for dinner and drinks? 

There’s more than just the art!

As previously mentioned, some art galleries host more than just priceless works of art. Some feature cocktail bars, restaurants, casual cafes, and interactive activity rooms. Therefore, there should be plenty for you and your date to do if you ever tire of inspecting realms of conceptual exhibitions or realist paintings. 

For example, you could grab a mug of mulled wine between exhibitions. Or you could sit down for a bite to eat and rank the venue's weirdest pieces together. Remember, art gallery dates are all about the experience - and there’s always more to enjoy.

You can wear whatever you want to an art gallery date

So you’ve set a time, a date and a place, but you’re stuck on what to wear to an art gallery date. 

As you’ll be moving around a lot, you’ll want to wear an outfit that doesn’t restrict you. Comfy pants, skirts and T-shirts are always a yes! However, there are no rules on what to wear to an art gallery date. So, as long as your art gallery outfit makes you feel good, you’ll look good.

If you’re wondering what shoes to wear to an art gallery, remember you’ll be spending time on your feet. We recommend wearing comfortable flat shoes. These could be sneakers or boots. But if you’re happy in heels, then go for it! 

When in doubt, shop

As well as bars and cafes, almost all art galleries feature a gift store. It could be fun for you and your date to mark the occasion by buying a present for one another, right?

This gift could be as big as them purchasing you a print to hang on your living room wall. Or as small as a pen that they’ll use every day. As long as they look at it and think of your amazing art gallery date night, then it’s the right gift.

To make this gift store visit more fun, you could challenge each other with your purchases. You could both stick to a budget and buy the other something featuring their favorite artwork from the date. This would show you both how well you know each other. It would also test if you were listening!

Not all art galleries are the same!

Luckily, it’s not a case that once you’ve been on one art gallery date, you’ve been on them all. Almost every venue has a different vibe and works of art on display. This makes for an exciting and unique dating experience every time! So, did you and your Bumble connection enjoy your first art gallery date together last week? Fantastic - that means you could head out on another one next week!

Final thoughts

As we say, an art gallery date can be so much fun. So, find your local venue, buy some exhibition tickets, and ask your Bumble connection out on an art gallery date! Because you never know, it could be the start of something special.