Hey, What’s Your Coffee Order? Bumble’s Guide to Coffee Date Ideas

Hey, What’s Your Coffee Order? Bumble’s Guide to Coffee Date Ideas

But first coffee… For the coffee fiends, enthusiasts and aficionados, a familiar quirky and cosy coffee spot acts as a great location for a date - especially for first-time meetups or when you don’t know the person that well.

Let’s face it, Bumble meetups (and dating in general) can be daunting and first date nerves can often kill that first meet buzz. Catching up in the homely comfort of a cafe can be the perfect tonic to keep those first date nerves at bay, allowing you to be yourself, whilst enjoying good coffee. What’s more, it's the ideal opportunity for your potential partner to get to know your coffee order - a key factor to maintaining a solid relationship in our books…

So, whether you enjoy an extra hot latte or a strong and short shot of espresso, kick back with your coffee order of choice and savour Bumble’s guide to the perfect coffee shop date. Read on to find out everything from choosing the ideal location to deciding what to wear for a coffee date. 

Is coffee a good first date?

Casual yet classic, coffee spots are not only great for morning caffeine hits, afternoon pick-me-ups, and freelance work settings, believe it or not they also act as great date locations to meet someone for the first time. Why you might ask? Both low-key and cosy, coffee dates can be the perfect way to get to know each other or spend quality time together cheaply in a low-profile, no frills setting. And let’s face it, good coffee is something that we can all generally get on board with.

The pros of coffee dates:

  • Coffee dates are an easy ‘ground’ to start on (pardon the pun.) They are a great way to enjoy great coffee and (hopefully) excellent conversion with your potential or current partner. 
  • They are a good way to gauge how interested you actually are in the other person in a low pressure environment without investing a lot of time into a date. I.e. if you’re not feeling it, there's no love lost. 
  • Recently moved to a new city? A coffee date is an ideal way for coffee aficionados to explore the best of the best coffee spots that are right on your doorstep - and if you enjoy the company of your date, that’s a bonus! Most cities and towns are bustling with cool coffee spots to sit back, sip, nibble and relax in.
  • You can easily prolong or cut the date short depending on how it's going. Most coffee dates will only last an hour or two - after the date, you can continue onto dinner or an activity, plan to pick up another time or call it a day. No ‘it’s not you it’s me’s’ necessary. 

How to pick the perfect coffee location:

Now you’ve decided on the coffee date, it's now time to decipher where you want to go. From the location to the spatial dynamics and the vibe, there are plenty of factors to consider when picking the best coffee spot for your date.

  • Consider opting for a location that is a convenient distance from both you and your date to avoid any ‘sorry I’m lates’. 
  • Avoiding bustling and always busy coffee chains could be a good place to start -  instead opt for something tailored to your date's interests or near a park or gallery that you could wander in afterwards.
  • For an ‘artsy date’ consider opting for a scandi-inspired independent coffee shop - you know the type, exposed brick, ceramic mugs, and pared back interiors. Book lovers may want to head to a bookstore or library coffee shop, to enjoy a brew whilst comparing notes on their favorite hardbacks.
  • Choose a spot that is on the quieter side and has a lot of seating. 
  • Opt for an area with plenty of coffee haunts, in case your chosen one is a little on the busy side. 
  • Get there early and find a good people watching spot - always a great way to add to the convo!

Ensure you have an exit strategy:

Like any other date, you will want to ensure you have an exit strategy depending on whether the date goes well or not. ‘Sorry I’ve got to head off in an hour or so, I’m grabbing lunch with a friend’ or ‘It’s been great meeting you, but I need to run to catch my train’ act as the perfect excuses, should you need one!

What is the best time for a coffee shop date?

As most coffee shops don’t stay open past 6 or 7pm, the best time for a coffee shop date is the morning or afternoon. The caffeine hit will give you an extra boost of energy and helps you to give a great first and lasting impression. 

If you want to avoid the busy coffee shop rush, you might want to consider avoiding the lunchtime crowd, instead arranging to meet around 3pm leaving you enough time to make plans for afterwards should the date go well. 

How long should a coffee date last?

Really, there is no right or wrong answer for how long a coffee date should last, that all depends on how much you are both enjoying each other's company and ultimately what you both want out of it as an end goal. 

What’s more, unlike a dinner date, thankfully with a coffee date, there is no real etiquette with how long you need to stay and be present - an hour should suffice. If the date is a hit, you could grab another flat white, or maybe something a little stronger at the bar around the corner? 

What to wear on a coffee date?

To reiterate, coffee dates are casual, so you can leave your LBD or power suit hanging in your closet, unless of course you’re meeting for a date in the midst of your working day… Or you want to wear them. For a weekend coffee first date, a casual coffee meet up calls for a low-key yet stylish ensemble that showcases your personality, without giving the impression that you tried too hard… Even if you did spend 45 minutes fixing your hair.  

In our opinion, the best coffee date outfit is the one that makes both you look and feel your best. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable, because the more physically comfortable you are, the more emotionally comfortable you will feel… Makes sense right? 

Consider elevated basics - think simple, minimal yet stylish. Pair jeans with a basic tee or an athleisure set with an oversized shirt. You might even want to dust off your best sneakers for the occasion. 

So what are you waiting for? Make the first move and suggest your favorite coffee spot in town. You never know, you may secure a new friend or lover. 

May your coffee be strong and your Bumble date be a hit.