Cheap Date Ideas for Spring

Cheap Date Ideas for Spring

There’s no denying dating is fun, but if your budget is taking a beating from all the cocktails, dinners and nights at the theater—don’t worry. There are a lot of ways to save money and still spend time with your favorite person. Here are just a few of our best cheap date ideas for spring.

Cheap date ideas for a first date

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but they’re an essential part of the dating ritual, so why not make the most of them and have some fun, with this free date idea? And contrary to what pop-culture might have us believe, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. And, of course, by spending less on your first date, you’ll have more money left over to spend on your second, or maybe even third…

Take a stroll

If the object of a first date is to get to know each other better, then the last thing you need is loud music and expensive drinks. So instead of spending a couple of hours in a busy bar, why not spend them on a peaceful walk instead? Not only can you enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery, but wherever you choose to wander, you’ll be able to talk and actually hear each other. Who knows what you might discover about your match?

Make it a movie night

For many of us, the idea of making first-date small talk can be a touch intimidating. The chances are your date feels the same way. So plan an activity which takes some of the pressure off, while still allowing for some quality conversation. And if you feel comfortable hosting them in your home, for a cheap date night idea, what could be better than a budget-friendly movie night? Buy the popcorn, candy and drinks, create a cozy viewing space (your living room) and stream something fun.

Plan a picnic

With the freezing days of winter far behind us (we hope), outdoor dates are on the cards once more. So, why not plan a picnic? Not only are picnics cheap and cheerful, they’re also inherently romantic, so you’ll score points for thoughtfulness, too. Pick a nearby spot, lay out a rug, and soak up some of that spring sunshine. Catering is a breeze too, as even the most culinary-challenged of us can whip up some sandwiches. Don’t forget a bottle of something sparkling (but, naturally, inexpensive) and prepare to enjoy a truly lovely, yet cheap first date.

Take a tour

Walking tours blew up during the pandemic and they are here to stay. This is very much good news. Not only is it a relaxed way to spend time with your date, but you might discover something amazing, too. There are loads of different tours to choose from—ghost tours, literary tours, street art tours, secret city tours, music-themed tours—so there’s bound to be one you’ll both enjoy. Also, they don’t have to be organized. Buy one of the many walking tour books available online, or plot your own route to be even more cost-effective, and do it just the two of you. They’re affordable, interesting, and will give you plenty to talk about afterwards.   

Find a farmer’s market

From the fresh produce to delectable baked goods, who doesn’t love a farmer’s market? They’re a treasure trove of foodie treats just waiting to be explored, and a great way to do something fun without spending a fortune. If it goes well and you feel comfortable, pick up artisanal products to take home and cook together. You’ll have a very tasty reminder of a fantastic (and cheap) first date.

Get cultural

Many museums and galleries are free to enter, so you can take in historic artifacts and incredible works of art without spending a cent. Plus, many hold free late nights and evening events as well.  

Cheap date ideas for couples

Whether you’ve been seeing each other for a few months or have been together for years, you’ve probably already done a lot of the traditional date activities. So if you’re looking for some new ideas to keep things fresh, look no further. Here are some cheap date ideas for couples.

Cook up a storm

Dining in doesn’t have to be dull. But instead of making the same old classics which, let’s face it, you’re both bored of, why not join an online cooking class, or follow along with your favorite tutorial video instead? Doing it from home will be cheaper than an in-person class, you can buy the ingredients from your favorite supermarket, and you can learn a new speciality together. Crack open a bottle of wine or make a yummy mocktail, fire up the stove, and enjoy your delicious meal by candlelight.

Get competitive

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, and it can be a great way to recharge a relationship, too. From backgammon to chess, and poker to scrabble, get out all your favorite board games for a night of retro fun. Mix up some homemade cocktails, order a pizza, and let the games begin. And why not extend the invite? Make it a group date and may the best couple win. Losers have to wash up, obviously…

Dance the night away

If you both love dancing, but could do with a little help in the coordination department, learning the steps to a classic dance is a great way to start. Keep things affordable by booking a one-off class with a professional (or follow a step-by-step guide online), before spending happy hours practicing at home. Perhaps you’ll go back to the golden age of cinema and learn a romantic foxtrot. Or how about injecting some spice with a salsa? If that all sounds like a bit too much effort, crank up your favorite tunes and have a kitchen disco instead.

Hit the road

While we love a good road trip, this cheap date idea is on a smaller scale. Instead of heading down a highway in a convertible, get on your bikes and chart a course through the area you live in. Pick a neighborhood you don’t know and discover all its local charms, from independent coffee shops to boutiques, parks to bars, stopping off to refuel whenever the mood strikes you.

Sweat it out

Couples who sweat together, stay together. While we don’t know if this is actually true, we do know that working out together can be a brilliant way to stay connected. And by now, you won’t be embarrassed if they see you a little red in the face! Make a weekly date for a run, a regular gym session, or a specialist exercise class and cheer each other on.  

Volunteer your time

Helping others or a cause that’s close to your hearts is a wonderful way to spend quality time together. Not only can volunteering help you to learn new skills, make friends and increase your confidence, but it’s a surefire way to bond with someone.

Whether you’re in the mood to get active or want to take it easy, our list of cheap date ideas for spring has something for everyone—and every kind of couple. Looking for someone to plan a picnic with? Sign up to Bumble now and you could find them.