Fun & Romantic Things to do When it’s Cold

Fun & Romantic Things to do When it’s Cold

If your idea of dating is cocktails, walks on the beach and sunning yourselves by the side of a pool, winter can seem like a real problem. That’s ok, not everyone is a winter person, but hopefully, with this piece, we’ll demonstrate just what an amazing season it is for fun and romance.

After all, when you’re dating someone, you tend to want to be close to them as often as possible, which may not be comfortable in the blazing summer heat when the only thing you want near you is some ice cream and a fan. In winter, snuggling and cuddling aren’t just cute and fun, they’re essential!

So we’ve worked out our best cold weather date ideas so that you’ve got some suggestions for extra romantic things to do when it’s cold.

Date Ideas when It’s cold

Brrr! The weather outside is frightful, so it’s always tempting to stay where the fire is so delightful, but winter doesn’t mean you and your match need to hibernate. Here’s some fun dates for cold weather (still cuffing season!):

Visit festive markets 

Wrapping up warm and heading for the twinkling fairy lights of your nearest festive market is a wonderful way to spend a cold date together. One of the many Christmas date ideas, you can sample the delicious food, drink and snacks that are on offer, as well as browsing the cute handmade gifts and dropping hints for potential Christmas presents. There’s probably music and magic in the air and after a while, you won’t even notice that it’s a bit chilly.

Go ice skating 

 If you’ve ever seen a romantic movie that has scenes set in the winter, you’ll know that ice skating is something you just have to do. Of course, it needs to be somewhere cute and outdoors, rather than your local ice rink where you get chased off after an hour by some scary-looking hockey players. What if you can’t skate? Well, that’s what dates are for and if you need to cling to them the whole way around, where’s the harm in that?

Find a cute bookstore and move in 

Another classic setting for romantic movies is ‘the cute book store.’ If there’s a fireplace, all the better, but mostly you just need a comfy chair to sink into together and some impressive-looking books to browse through together, ideally with a coffee. Otherwise, you could set each other challenges to find the rudest-sounding book or the one with the sexiest cover. 

Retreat to a cabin 

The very best thing to do when the weather is getting cold is to head to a cabin in the wilderness with a roaring fire, some comfy blankets and isolate yourselves from the outside world. Because with the right food, the right movies and the right company you won’t need to walk outside the whole weekend. And you definitely won’t feel the cold!

Snow day date Ideas

Snow days were amazing when you were at school, weren’t they? The excitement of hearing the announcement that your school was closed because it had snowed too heavily, leaving you with a bonus play day. A bonus play day with LOTS OF SNOW. So why not recapture that magic as grown-ups?

Here are some snowed-in date ideas:

Have a game day 

We just mentioned recapturing the excitement of snow days from when you were a kid so if you’re looking for date ideas on a snow day, let your inner kid guide you. Get out ALL of your board games and work your way through them. You can add flirty twists if you like or just keep it clean, but either way, time will fly as you laugh and have fun together while the snow falls outside.

Make a pillow fort

Yep, our suggestions aren’t getting much more grown-up, are they? But there’s something so special about building yourselves a fort of blankets and cushions to get cozy and intimate together, especially when the snow is piling up outside and there’s simply no place to go. Grab the snacks, fire up Netflix and enjoy some quiet time away from the world with just you and your match.

Go play in the snow 

Of course, the snow might be stopping you from getting to work or heading off on a regular date, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. So get your thermals on - and your gloves of course - and get out there building a snowman, making snow angels, throwing snowballs at each other and acting like the big kids you really are. When things get a bit too cold, you can head back inside and warm up again like grown-ups.


Winter is all about the baking. Cookies, gingerbread, cakes, whatever takes your fancy. Or, more realistically, whatever you’re capable of baking and actually have at least most of the ingredients for, especially on a snow day when you can’t get to the store. So why not make it a fun experiment to see what the two of you can create from whatever you can find? You can even have a competition, your very own Great British Baking Show where you can be the judges and award whatever prizes you think is appropriate.

Plan a holiday

If winter REALLY isn’t your thing and you’ve already done all of these date ideas for cold weather, as a last resort you can always fire up the laptop, head to your favorite travel sites and start planning a hot vacation for yourselves. The snow may be covering everything, but in your hearts you’ll be kicking back on a tropical beach in your swimwear, looking fabulous and watching the sun go down. That’ll keep any kind of chill out of your heart on even the coldest of snow days. You can always turn up some vacation-related tunes to create the summer atmosphere you’re dreaming of.