How To Plan a Nature Walk Date

How To Plan a Nature Walk Date

Picture this: a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where you and your partner can forge a deeper connection. Welcome to your nature walk date—an opportunity to grow your relationship while exploring the great outdoors together

We’ll guide you through our list of essentials for planning the perfect nature walk date, from selecting a location and dressing for the occasion, to what to put in your backpack. So, lace up your walking shoes, grab your date’s hand, and try it out. 

What is a nature walk?

A nature walk is a gentle walk in any space that boasts fresh air and greenery. We would say it’s different from a hike, as it’s less about a personal best, a particular trail or destination, or tough exercise. 

Instead, it’s about relaxing in nature, taking in your surroundings, and looking for the beauty in your journey. We love a good, energizing hiking date—but a nature walk is energizing in a different way. 

Where to find good nature trails

When it comes to choosing a location for a nature walk date, there are very few rules. You can choose any local forests, parkland, riverside trails, beaches, gardens, or public footpaths through fields or farmland. 

Keep in mind that the ideal location should not only offer natural beauty but also be easily accessible with well-maintained paths, so your day is safe and enjoyable. Always make sure your chosen path is open to walkers, and stick to public land. Other than that, your country is your oyster! 

Why nature walks are romantic

Nature walks are good for the mind, body, and soul and give you a peaceful way to spend quality time with your date. It's a low-pressure activity that allows you to relax, enjoy nature, and learn more about each other as you wander. Think folklore vibes—trés romantic. 

Planning your walk in nature

We recommend researching the area before your date to plan a gentle walking route. Give yourselves plenty of time to wander and take in the scenery—remember, this isn’t a hike with a time goal. And, as always, put yourself and your safety first. Only go into new or isolated areas with dates you know and trust, and always tell a loved one your plans. 

What to wear on a nature walk

Start with comfy shoes and unrestrictive clothes. Be tick-conscious (so romantic, we know) and cover exposed skin where possible. If your date goes really, really well, you could even check each other for ticks later. Now that’s love!

Lastly, be prepared for whatever weather conditions come your way. That means sunscreen, hats, layers, and anything else to keep you cool and fresh or warm and cozy, depending on your local climate. 

What to bring on a nature walk

A well-planned nature walk is all about enjoying the great outdoors, so it's essential to pack smart. First up, hydration is key, so bring more water than you think you’ll need. 

We’re always looking to see where the snacks are at, so toss some tasty things into your bag—think granola bars, fruit, or a trail mix. And again, consider the weather— bug spray is a must-have during warmer months. With these essentials in tow, we think you'll be ready to embrace the beauty of nature worry-free.

What to look out for on a nature walk

While walking in nature, look out for wildflowers and native plants. If you can, it’s cute to pick up a pocketbook on identifying plants before you go, then see how many you can check off as you walk.

As well as plants and flowers, you might be lucky enough to spot wildlife. Depending on your location and season, you could see mammals like deer, squirrels, rabbits, or raccoons. Also, watch for smaller, fast-moving creatures like salamanders or small snakes (unlikely to harm you if left alone—trust your common sense and do your research). 

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with more unusual local wildlife, lean into it. Take a couple of camping chairs and spend a few minutes sitting, looking, and listening to nature. If you’re quiet and still, something exciting might appear. Sharing these moments of discovery will bring you closer together and make for some great stories.

Romantic activities for a nature walk

Let’s talk about creating romantic memories with your date on your walk. Here are a few ideas to add to your agenda. 

Take a picnic

A romantic picnic is a great nature walk date activity. Stroll through the scenery and pick the perfect spot to lay out a blanket and munch on your favorite snacks. This relaxed setting encourages deep conversation and lets you enjoy each other's company while soaking in the peaceful surroundings.

Trail hide and seek games

A hide and seek game could add an exciting twist if you want to make your walk more adventurous. Set this up prior to your walk or look for apps to help you on your treasure hunt, where you could follow GPS coordinates to locate hidden ‘caches.’ 

Have a look online before you go if you’re keen on this idea, and you and your partner can embark on a treasure-hunting game together. This activity is all about teamwork and problem-solving, with a dash of mystery to spice up your date. 

Get arty

Sketching or painting during your nature walk lets you and your partner express your artsy sides. Bring some art supplies and find a scenic spot where you can draw or paint the landscape or each other. This activity promotes creativity and appreciation for the natural world without taking itself too seriously. Creating art together can make for a romantic and memorable nature walk.

As you can tell, we think a nature walk date offers a unique and refreshing way to connect with your partner and the great outdoors. So, go ahead and try this enchanting adventure—embrace the beauty of the natural world, relish the shared moments, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Here's to deepening your bond with your partner, one step at a time, as you explore nature's wonders together.