Outdoor Date Ideas

Outdoor Date Ideas

Whether it’s a first date or you’re looking to up the romance factor, we love the warmer months because they provide plenty of opportunities for fun outdoor dates. From horse-riding to rooftop bars, outdoor concerts to picnics and stargazing, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best outdoor date ideas. As always, have plenty of water and sunscreen at the ready (especially if the weather is roasting), then get outside and enjoy the air.

Romantic Outdoor Date Ideas

Go to an outdoor movie theatre 

Beg or borrow (just don’t steal) a car from friends or family if you don’t have your own, then head to an outdoor movie screening. Bring plenty of your own snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic for the driver, of course), and some blankets to snuggle up under, kick back and relax.

Go horse-riding

This might sound a bit out there, but there are few more romantic date ideas than galloping off into the sunset with your crush. Fine, you don’t have to gallop—if you’re new to horse riding, it might be a case of gingerly trotting around an equestrian centre until you get the hang of it, but it’ll be a date to remember all the same.

Watch the sunset

An oldie but a goodie (that’s also totally free), get your date to meet you at a picturesque vantage point—a hill, beachfront, your apartment rooftop—and watch the sunset together. Bag some extra kudos by bringing their favourite drink with you as a surprise.

Rent a boat

It doesn’t have to be a motor yacht, though we’re not saying no if you do manage to bag a ride on one. For those who don’t have a glitterati experience on speed dial, a row boat or pedalo will do just fine for a romantic outdoor date. Grab some provisions, layer on that sunscreen, and get ready to make some memories.

Go stargazing

Brush up on star constellations, grab your Bumble match, head out to your backyard or balcony, lay out a rug, get comfy, and then get stargazing. City folk might have to wait until they can get out of town at the weekend to be able to see anything, but it’ll be worth it. 

Fun Outdoor Date Ideas 

Get tickets to an outdoor concert

One of our favourite things about summer is that there’s often plenty of live music going on in outdoor locations around town. Find out what makes your match tick, don comfy shoes, and get ready to throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

Book a street-art tour

Get your culture fix with a street-art tour in an arty neighbourhood of your hometown. You’ll likely find plenty of tours online, so pick your favourite and get ready to see your city in a new light. Whoever spots the most unusual artwork, wins.

Visit an amusement park

Theme parks remind us of when we were teenagers—and that’s what we want to feel like when we’re dating. Get ready for thrill-seeking rides and plenty of opportunities for hand-holding as you await the big drop. 

Go to an outdoor sporting event

A fun outdoor date idea even if you’re not that into sports, there are usually good vibes and plenty of cheer at outdoor sporting events. If you’ve got a local team to support, great! If not, pick something random (the more niche the best) and get ready to discover something new.

Cheap Outdoor Date Ideas 

Get inspired at a sculpture garden

Free art installations are common in a lot of big cities, and a brilliant cheap outdoor date idea. Find one that piques your interest, then ask your date along for an afternoon that might just get your own creative juices flowing. Next up: create your own art together at home.

Go litter picking

Most of us are trying to do our bit to look after the planet, so why not combine a good deed with a date? Litter picking is a super easy way to help and requires zero experience unlike some other volunteer work—it really is as simple as picking up litter. Impress your date with your caring soul and suggest you spend an afternoon saving the world one candy wrapper at a time.

Participate in a charity walk

Come summer, there are usually plenty of charity walks in the calendar which are free to sign up to. Get together with your match, pester your friends and family to sponsor you, and then get pavement-pounding. You’ll be giving back to the community, getting an exercise hit, and deepening your bond with your connection all in one go.

Play tennis

Grab a racket and a tube of balls and head to your local tennis court (you’ll probably need to book in advance). If you’re a brilliant tennis player, it’s an ideal date to show off your skills while getting to know your date in a sporty environment—if not, all the funnier when you spend half the time looking for lost balls in the hedges. 

Outdoor First-Date Ideas 

Take a hike

Lace up your comfiest walking boots, pick out a nature trail or route around your city, and get moving whilst hiking. A casual way to get to know your date while increasing your step count, you can also make plenty of stops along the way for refreshments, and admiring the view (or each other). 

Stroll around a farmer’s market

Get to know the local produce in your area and support independent traders at a farmer's market. Cold meats, cheeses, preserves, artisan bread, niche beer—a market will often provide all the key ingredients you need for an awesome picnic (another great outdoor date idea).

Hit the beach

Ah, to live by the beach. If you’re one of the lucky folks that do, this is an obvious but fun place for an outdoor date. We particularly like this one for a first-time meet-up as it’s a public place that provides a relaxed environment to get to know each other. Grab a couple of cold drinks and go for a stroll along the shore. If you’ve already been on a few dates, make a day of it with floaties, bat ‘n’ ball, and a picnic.

Go to a rooftop bar 

Show off to your match and take your budding romance to new heights at a rooftop bar. There’s a reason rooftop bars are popular–they’re usually a winning formula for a good time–so be sure to book ahead. Sip drinks, take a mandatory selfie, and spot landmarks around your city.