Pottery Date Night Ideas

Pottery Date Night Ideas

Date ideas can start to feel repetitive after a while—drinks, dinner, a movie. Sure, they’re failsafe options, but sometimes you just want to try something a little different. Enter the pottery class date night. Maybe you’ve never tried making pottery before, but that’s more than OK. We have a ton of pottery ideas for beginners,as well as insider info from experts and previous pottery date night attendees. So fire up the kiln, and let’s get started… 

Pottery ideas for beginners 

If you aren’t crafty by nature, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up pottery ideas for beginners that will help you to pull off the ultimate pottery date night. First things first, you’ll need to find a local pottery studio. (Now that the make-your-own pottery trend is booming—Architecture Digest even called it “the hottest hobby in Hollywood”—this is easier than you might think.) Look at their timetable and see if they offer starter or taster sessions for newbies. According to Stine Dulong, a ceramicist and the founder of the London-based SkandiHus pottery studios, it’s important to choose a class that matches your ability; you don’t want to accidentally join an advanced class. “Our taster classes are aimed at beginners, so no one is expected to make a masterpiece,” says Dulong. The best advice for anyone attempting a pottery activity? Just have fun and enjoy the process. It’s not about being the best. “We live in a society obsessed with end results and perfection,” says Dulong. “I think people find it really nice to come to our classes where joy and playfulness is encouraged.”  

Remember, if you book a class for beginners, the staffers are there to help you. Listen to their advice, and it’ll be plain sailing. All you need to do is book the class in advance, share the details with your date, and maybe think about somewhere to grab a drink or a bite to eat afterwards. We’ve heard pottery is thirsty work. 

It’s worth noting that pottery classes aren’t the cheapest of date options. While you can definitely shop around for a discount code or a deal, there are also plenty of at-home pottery kits that you could try instead—say, if you’re a bit more confident in the craft arena. A kit will likely work out cheaper than a class, and most use air-dry clay, which means no kiln is required. You can order these online or pick one up from a local craft store, but just be prepared for mess! Think tablecloths, aprons, floor coverings, and definitely a sink close by. If you live in a small space, make sure to keep your windows open for ventilation—you don’t want your date to end in a haze of fumes. If you’re on a budget, we have more cheap date ideas here.  

Why try a date night pottery class? 

Great question. It’s so important to step outside of your comfort zone and to try new and exciting things on a date. Dulong has witnessed plenty of couples on a pottery date night at SkandiHus and notes that “doing an activity together takes the pressure off, as there’s a specific task at hand for both parties.” We’ve all had awkward silences on a first date, sitting across a dining table from someone, desperately thinking of the next topic to cover. A date like this, Dulong says, “is also a great way to observe your date—how they respond to instructions and interact with everyone else.” This is so important, as you can get more of a glimpse into your date’s persona through doing a pottery activity together. What they choose to make, how they act in a class setting—you’ll get to see so many sides to them from just one encounter. “Even if you don’t click romantically,” Dulong points out, “you’ve still had a fun day out learning something new.” 

But don’t just take the expert’s word for it. Alex, 34, recalls a pottery night date that his now wife organized. “I think it might have been our third or fourth date,” Alex says. “A friend of hers knew a guy who had just opened a pottery studio in the countryside. I wasn’t told what was happening, just that we were driving out to the countryside one weekend. In my head, I assumed it would be a posh lunch or something, but when we arrived it was this studio with kilns and tables set up. Next thing I know I have an apron on and I’m making a bowl for my breakfast granola!” The element of surprise can be a really thoughtful way to impress and romance your date, but like Alex, we recommend waiting until you’re a few dates in to do so. A first date surprise might overwhelm or freak out the other person. Alex acknowledges that because he and his partner are different, the pottery class helped them to really bond. “Because she’s a natural creative, I think she thought I needed to try something a bit different to loosen me up,” he admits. “But I did really enjoy it, and we still have the bowls that we made.” Remember that suggestion to step out of your comfort zone? It can pay off…

Top pottery date night tips 

Before you head out on a pottery date night, here are some practical things to take into consideration: 

  • Clothing: Don’t wear anything that you don’t want to get dirty. If you go to a professional studio, they’ll give you an apron, but things can still get very messy with clay, paints, etc. Go for a relaxed artist look. Also, think carefully about jewelry choices—you don’t want clay getting stuck in your rings or a long necklace dipping into your creation. Shoes can also fall victim to random water splats, so avoid suede or any materials that mark easily. Leave your best at home for a pottery date.
  • Ability: We’ve spoken about pottery ideas for beginners, but if you’re really worried about embarrassing yourself (though you shouldn’t) then watch some online tutorials to nail the basics. If you’re going to a professional studio, there should be plenty of staff on hand to help you. (It’s called a beginner’s class for a reason!) But if prepping a little bit beforehand calms your nerves, then go for it—the internet is there to help.
  • Timing: If you’re arranging a weekday pottery date, it’ll probably be an after-work affair. As we mentioned earlier, be sure to think about post-class refreshments, since classes can be quite long. Make a reservation somewhere close by, and if you don’t hit it off with your date, you can always cancel or rope in a friend instead. If it’s a weekend date, you could opt for a daytime class, especially if the weather is bad. This also leaves the rest of the evening wide open for further date activities. Find more inspo here
  • Be open minded: Don’t go into a pottery date night begrudgingly! As Dulong says, you aren’t there to make a masterpiece, but to relax, have fun, and get to know your date better. Just remember: even if you’re both terrible at pottery, it doesn’t matter! But on the flip side, you may discover a new talent. If you and your date both enjoy the class, you could book a follow-up session—a chance to further develop your skills … and your relationship.

Hopefully we have given you plenty of reasons to arrange a pottery date night. Dulong, for one, stresses that it’s a great evening out. “Couples just have a really lovely time together when they come to classes with us, even if they’re a bit awkward when they first arrive,” she says.