Our Favorite Rooftop Date Ideas

Our Favorite Rooftop Date Ideas

Spring is in full swing and we’re keen to help your dating life blossom as beautifully as those flowers. The warmer weather opens up a world of fresh possibilities for dating, and few things impress like a rooftop date. From alfresco movie screenings to cocktails under the stars, take the romance to sky-high levels with our lowdown of the best rooftop date ideas. 

Dress for the weather

First things first, a romantic rooftop date might be the perfect idea for spring but the nights can still get chilly, so be sure to bring layers. If you’re planning a rooftop day date, don’t forget sunscreen (which, come to think of it, you should always wear, no matter what you’re doing).

Always book ahead

Romantic rooftop dates are extremely popular, so don’t expect to show up and bag a table at the last minute. You need to book ahead so you’re not left high and dry. Plus, it’s always a great sign when someone has bothered to make a plan in advance—easy brownie points! 

Go for a rooftop meal at a fancy hotel 

For a romantic rooftop dinner that takes things to the next level, don’t forget that many hotels welcome non-staying guests. Check out the hotels in your hometown and get ready to wow your new Bumble match with drinks, light bites, and 360-degree views under the stars.

Travel further afield for a cheaper date night

Dating can be an expensive business, and prices often get hiked up when it comes to rooftop dates as, after all, you’re paying for the view, too. Do some research to find out about cheaper date options, such as hip rooftop beer gardens and breweries, which are often found further out in the city suburbs. It’ll also give you the chance to discover a new neighborhood with your latest date.

Set up a picnic on your roof

If you live in the city, you or a friend may have access to a private rooftop. An awesome free date idea, it will show your match how thoughtful you are, so make it special with blankets, cushions, plenty of snacks, and drinks. Don’t forget a wireless speaker to bring the vibes, and we also love the idea of putting tea-light candles in jam jars for an extra bit of romance—especially if you’re planning your date around sunset. Why not also learn a few star constellations too? Being able to point out Orion, Taurus and Gemini is sure to impress. Don’t have your own rooftop? No problem, a balcony or deck is just as good if you have one. It also means you can easily nip back into your apartment for extra ice, blankets, and snacks.

Show off at a rooftop yoga class

For those daters who like to get active with a partner, a yoga class is a rooftop date idea with a difference. Don your chicest activewear and get ready to show off your best downward dog. 

Set up a rooftop movie night with an alfresco film.

If you’ve got access to your own rooftop, set up your laptop or an outdoor projector for a cozy spring date night under the stars. Remember blankets and plenty of popcorn and you’re good to go. For those who don’t have their own rooftop, there are usually plenty of outdoor cinema nights in the summer months, so do some research and book in advance. 

Spot landmarks on your skyline 

So you’ve booked a brilliant location for your romantic rooftop night, but the nerves have got the better of you and you’re struggling with conversation? Not to worry, get things flowing by playing a game of name-the-landmark with your new connection. A bit like eye-spy but for adults, drinks on whoever loses, obviously. 

Plan a rooftop bar crawl 

Take your landmark spotting to the next level by planning a rooftop bar crawl around your hometown. You’ll be amazed at how different the city looks from different vantage points. 

Spend the day at a rooftop pool 

Who wants to wait until they’re on holiday for a pool day? Not us. Pools are quieter in the spring, so we suggest turning up the heat at a rooftop pool where you won’t be fighting over sun loungers. Sunscreen, shades, floaties, and your cutest swimwear is a must. If you’ve already got to know your Bumble match with some one-on-one dates, why not make it a party and get your friends to come along with their dates, too? 

Get up early to watch the sunrise

One for the very early birds and a particularly cute rooftop date, arrange to meet before sunrise to watch your city wake up. Of course, for those who planned a sunset date night, there’s a chance you’ll end up talking all night and still be on the roof come sunrise… Now that is what we call a successful date.

Find a fun rooftop activity

Mini golf, croquet, curling… There are plenty of low-effort, high-entertainment sporting activities cropping up on rooftops around big cities when the weather begins to get warmer. We love this idea for its opportunity to get to know each other in a laid-back, fun environment with added views thrown in. You can check out our list of our favorite active dates here.

We hope we've inspired you to take your dates to the next level. We always want you to be comfortable and secure, so be sure to meet first dates somewhere public, and let your friends or family know where you’re going, and who you’re meeting. Best save that private rooftop until you feel comfortable!

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