Fun and Cozy Winter Date Ideas

Fun and Cozy Winter Date Ideas

Winter means dark nights, rainy or snowy weather and the chance to spend cozy nights by a bonfire roasting chestnuts or marshmallows. Unless you live somewhere hot of course, in which case winter dating isn’t too different from summer dating. But if you DO live somewhere that gets chilly winters, you don’t need to put your dating life into hibernation.

Cozy nights at home are great, but there’s so much fun to be had in heading out on a winter date. So here are some of our best winter date ideas:

Fun Winter date Ideas

Go holiday shopping  

Christmas shopping can be stressful, for sure but if you pick a time when it’s not too busy and the lights are twinkling, you can have fun browsing your favorite shops. It’s also a great chance to find out what you could buy for your date for Christmas, as well as drop subtle hints about what you might like (if you’re at that stage in your relationship). 

Have a weekend away in a cabin  

What could be more fun in the winter months than having a weekend break in a cabin in the woods? It gives you the opportunity to get to know each other better, away from the pressures of everyday life, spending your days out in nature and your evenings cozying up by the fireplace with cups of hot chocolate. Sounds ideal, right?

Hot yoga

When the weather outside is frightful, why not go somewhere guaranteed to be warm? If you’re not too embarrassed about getting a bit sweaty on a date, a hot yoga class is a fun way to stay warm in the winter months.

Cute Winter Date Ideas

Go to a Christmas market

If your town or city has a Christmas market, this is the perfect place to live out your traditional holiday romantic movie-style winter date dreams. Strolling hand-in-hand through the quaint market stalls, trying out tasty treats and browsing the adorable handmade gifts, what could be cuter?

Have a spa day

Winter weather can definitely take its toll on your mind, body and skin, so why not spend a cute date together getting pampered? This is the relaxing side of winter dating and lets you both recover from the chaos of the pre-Christmas period, leaving you rejuvenated, no matter how hectic your schedule is.

Cheap Winter date Ideas

Go to see a Christmas lights display

Winter date ideas don’t need to cost a lot. After all, you need to save some budget for the holidays. Luckily there’s lots you can do together that won’t pull too hard on those purse strings. Why not go and see some Christmas lights displays? Whether they’re organized ones in local parks or just neighborhoods where the residents really go for it!

Make a Gingerbread house

Picking up a gingerbread house kit will only cost a few bucks but can give you hours of shared fun and a sense of achievement as you work together to assemble and decorate it.

Winter Date Night Outfit Ideas

Choosing winter dating outfits can be a tricky business. After all, whatever you wear needs to be practical, especially if you’re going to be spending a while outside. But we’ve got some superb winter date outfit tips for you.

Dress for the activity  

If you’re going to be trying out the outdoor ideas suggested below, dress for the action. A bright puffer jacket and black jeans with some comfortable boots and you’ll be ready for whatever the weather throws your way.

Outdoor Winter Date Ideas

Go ice skating

If you can both ice skate, heading to an outdoor ice skating rink is an amazing way to spend an afternoon or evening. Just picture you both gliding around the rink in perfect harmony, with twinkling lights around you. If one or both of you can’t ice skate, you’ll have just as much fun staggering, slipping, sliding and clinging your way around, falling on your butts.

Go sledding

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere snowy in the winter, sledding is an exhilarating way to spend a date. Are you going down together in one sled or having a race? Get ready to tumble out and roll around the snow laughing either way.

Indoor Winter Date Ideas

Go to the theater  

Theaters always put on special shows in the winter months and it can be a lovely, romantic way to get out of the sleet, rain and snow. Combine it with a meal somewhere nice and you’ve got a classic yet thoughtful date night.

Watch a movie

Snuggling up and watching movies really is at the heart of any good winter date. Get in your favourite snacks, cuddle up under cozy blankets and press play on your favorite festive season movies. 

Free Date Ideas for Winter

Make a snowman

Sometimes the old-school romantic clichés are the best. You may have been building snowmen since you were a kid but it’s never quite as special as when you’re building one with your Bumble connection. Or even creating a family of snow people. Of course, you are obliged to also have a snowball fight and make snow angels as part of this date. And it’s all free!

Go on a hike 

Another free date idea for winter is to head out together into the wilderness and go exploring. It may be snowy or not, but winter is still a magical time for a hiking date, enjoying spectacular views, getting away from the crowds and spending some special time together. Plus you’ll have more than earned a nice cake at the end of it.

Second Date Ideas for Winter

Be tourists in your own town

For a special second date idea in the winter, why not treat your hometown like you’re on vacation? Winter sees towns and cities transform and take on a magical glow, so go and explore together and see what surprises you can find.

Have an indoor picnic

Picnics are lovely romantic dates but winter weather doesn’t usually go well with the idea of eating outside. So why not take it indoors? Whatever the weather outside, you can get cozy with blankets, cushions, candles and all your favorite picnic foods.