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How do I make my profile 100% complete?

You may have noticed a percentage appearing on your Bumble profile image. This is an indicator of how complete your profile is. We’ve found that the more information you add to your profile, the easier it is for people to initiate conversations. Why not give them something to talk about! 

To reach 100% profile completion, here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Four or more photos added to your profile
  • The “About me” section filled out
  • Verify your profile so people know you are the real deal!
  • Basic Info Badges added to your profile. The more badges you have, the more searches you will show up for other people.

Remember: When filling out your profile, only share what you’re comfortable with other people knowing. It’s okay to display your work info generically if you don’t feel safe (e.g., writing “Barista at Coffeeshop” rather than “Shift Lead at Starbucks”). Although getting as close to 100% as possible typically has a positive impact, we always want you to do what feels right for you!  For more tips on how to make your profile stand out head here