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Consent on Bumble and IRL

Consent is required at all times. Everyone on Bumble is expected to discuss and respect boundaries. This includes never making assumptions about what someone is comfortable with.

On Bumble, we have a zero tolerance policy for unsolicited lewd photos. If your match hasn’t given clear consent by saying they want a nude photo (or anything that could be perceived as sexual content), don’t send it. Period. If you receive a photo you didn’t consent to, you can report it at any time.

In healthy partnerships, it’s important to both listen to the other person(s) and read their non-verbal queues. If they seem uncomfortable, unsure, or unable to consent, stop and don’t pursue anything further. Furthermore, remember that consent can always be withdrawn at any time.

If something happens on the app, via text, or in person, know that the entire Hive cares about you and wants to make sure you’re supported. Please know that you can get in touch with us and reach out to a resource in your area.