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How does Bumble respond to data requests from Law Enforcement?

When needed, we work collaboratively with external law enforcement partners to report welfare checks, assist in criminal investigations, comply with existing data privacy laws and regulations, and consult on new innovations to keep the digital world safe and secure.

We partner in good faith with law enforcement agencies to enforce our privacy policies and provide a safe environment for all members—within the app and IRL. In working with law enforcement, we adhere to and comply with all data and privacy laws and regulations. We don’t disclose any of these requests for data or information to our members or the public.  

Law enforcement agencies can submit a data or preservation request by creating an account and signing into our secure law enforcement portal

Please note that we will not respond to any requests submitted via fax, phone, email or any requests made by unauthorised persons. If submitted via mail, law enforcement officials should expect longer response times.

Law enforcement agencies must address their request to one of our offices:

  • US-based requests: Bumble Trading LLC, 1105 West 41st Street, Austin, Texas, 78756 
  • UK- or International-based requests: Bumble Holding Limited, The Broadgate Tower, Third Floor, 20 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2RS, United Kingdom

A failure to address the request to an office may result in us deeming it a request to Bumble Holding Limited’s office and processing it under the laws governing law enforcement requests in England and Wales. This may result in your request being refused.

All law enforcement requests will be dealt with in accordance with the law governing the location of the office to which the law enforcement request is made. It is the responsibility of the law enforcement agency to make the law enforcement request to the correct office. We will not transfer requests between our offices.

All data requests from law enforcement must attach an official, signed document on headed paper. For compliance, and to ensure proper authentication, we ask for:

  • The name of the person about whom you seek information, and one or more of the following:
    • A registered email address
    • A registered mobile/cell phone number
    • A linked mobile/cell phone number
    • A unique user ID number
  • The reason for your request
  • The information required
  • An email address from a law enforcement domain
  • A named contact person, including country, law enforcement agency, department, rank/title and contact phone number. A failure to include this information will mean that we may be required by law to refuse the request.
  • An attachment of the applicable legal process, such as a grant of mutual legal assistance, production order, subpoena or search warrant. Please ensure that the legal authority specifies the correct office as we cannot comply with a legal authority made to the wrong office.

For further information, please refer to our Law Enforcement Guidelines.