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Everything You Need to Know About Bumble Premium

Whether you’re enjoying the little wins and butterfly moments that dating has to offer or you’re ready for something more long-term, there are so many people on Bumble who could be the right fit for you. 

We understand that with all this opportunity, you may just want to get down to it and find more compatible connections for you, faster. This is where Bumble Premium comes in. Our paid subscription service gives you access to a wide range of Bumble features that are all designed to give you a more personalized dating experience and help you take control. From being shown more compatible profiles, to being able to see who’s liked you first, here’s everything you need to know about Bumble Premium. (If you’re looking for Bumble Boost, our other paid subscription, read more here.) 

What features are available on Bumble Premium? 

Signing up to Bumble Premium means you can: 

  • Get unlimited likes for your Best Bees and see your Best Bees highlighted in your swipe queue 
  • See who’s liked you first with Beeline
  • Find exactly what you’re looking for with unlimited Advanced Filters
  • Swipe in other locations with Travel Mode
  • Backtrack on accidental left swipes
  • Get unlimited Extends for when you need more time to message a new match
  • Rematch with expired connections
  • Get unlimited swipes
  • Use one Spotlight per week so your profile can be seen by more people for 30 minutes
  • Have access to five SuperSwipes per week to use on profiles that really interest you
  • Activate Incognito Mode so your profile is only seen by people you’ve already liked 

How do I sign up to Bumble Premium?

To sign up to Bumble Premium, head to your Bumble home screen by tapping the gray silhouette icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. There, you’ll see a yellow banner titled “Premium” with an “Upgrade” button. Tap on the “Upgrade” button and you’ll be shown different options to either sign up to Premium for one week, one month, three months, or a “Lifetime.” Apart from Lifetime which is a one-time payment, all other options are a subscription service subject to recurring billing—but you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Here’s more about the perks that come with Premium.

Best Bees

Best Bees is designed to help you make more compatible connections, faster. Every day, you’ll be shown the profiles of four people who have been specifically curated for you based on your preferences and previous matches. Usually, you only get one free like a week that can be used on one of your Best Bees, but with Bumble Premium, you’re able to send a like to all four of your Best Bees per day! You’ll also get your Best Bees highlighted to you in your swipe queue. (Please note: Best Bees isn’t available on Bumble For Friends.)  


With Bumble Premium, you get access to your Beeline—a queue that shows you everyone who’s already liked your profile. It means that you can spend less time swiping and more time matching with people in your Beeline so that you get to those all-important conversations faster. (Please note: This feature is called “Liked You” on Bumble For Friends.)

Advanced Filters

When thinking about the kind of person you’d like to match with on Bumble, it’s natural to know the values and traits you’re looking for. To get you to more compatible connections faster, you can add Advanced Filters to your profile with Bumble Premium. Advanced Filters allow you to filter the profiles that are shown to you by certain criteria including: verified profile, height, exercise level, star sign, education, dating intentions, religious identity, politics, whether they drink or smoke, and whether they have or want children. Be as specific (or as broad) as you want to curate your Bumble experience.

Travel Mode

With Bumble’s Travel Mode, you can change your location to another city before your trip or vacation so that you can easily make new connections by the time you arrive. This also works if you want to keep swiping in your local area while you’re not home, allowing you to keep connecting with people who live near you. Your location will automatically be set to the city center of your chosen destination, and an indicator in your profile will let potential matches know that you’re “traveling.” 


We’ve all been there—you find what could just be your perfect match on Bumble and, in your excitement, your thumb slips and you accidentally swipe left. Don’t worry, Bumble Premium lets you use the Backtrack feature to reconsider your most recent left swipe. Backtrack as many times as you need so that nothing can stop you from finding what you’re looking for.


Life happens, and sometimes you just need more time. Bumble Premium gives you the opportunity to extend your matches by 24 hours. You can use that extra time to craft the perfect opening line or to just get that project at work out of the way first. Pro tip: when you first match with someone, immediately extend to give yourself a complete 48 hours to respond! Just seeing that longer time period can help take the pressure off.


Didn’t know what to say or ran out of time, and now the match you were excited about expired? No worries! Bumble Premium allows you to rematch with expired connections and renew that 24 hour countdown. Just note: you can only rematch with profiles where it was your turn to send your first message. If it was the other person’s turn to send their first message, it’s up to them to rematch with you. Rematch with as many people as you’d like and get more control of your Bumble experience.

Unlimited likes

There’s no cap on the number of people that you can swipe right on with Bumble Premium, so finding a compatible profile but hitting your like limit is a thing of the past. 


Bumble Premium includes one Spotlight a week. Once Spotlight is activated, your profile will be moved to the top of the queue (without anyone knowing!) for 30 minutes, making you viewable to more people instantly. 


Stand out to daters that catch your eye by using Bumble’s SuperSwipe feature. With Bumble Premium, you get five uses of SuperSwipe a week. Using SuperSwipe on someone’s profile will mean that your profile will be one of the first they see when they open Bumble. Once the potential match comes across your profile, they’ll be able to see that you used SuperSwipe and are interested in getting to know them better. 

Incognito Mode

With Incognito Mode on Bumble Premium, you get complete control over who sees your profile. When this feature is activated, the only people who will see your Bumble profile are the folks who you swipe right on, and who you want to match with. 

You can sign up to Bumble Premium at any time, and pick the subscription length that works best for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to find what you’re looking for and make more compatible connections faster.