Corn Maze Date Ideas

Corn Maze Date Ideas

Never been to a corn maze before? Allow us to convince you why it’s one of the best fall date ideas. If you’re looking for something a little different, with an added touch of adventure while reveling in the great outdoors, then a night corn maze is the date for you. Read on for our ultimate guide to corn maze date ideas. 

What is a corn maze?

Put simply, it’s a life-size maze in an actual cornfield, and it’s believed to have originated in Pennsylvania in the 1990s. Corn mazes are most popular in fall, when farms across the United States (and some other countries) make these mazes out of cornfields post-harvest for some festive fun. 

Halloween-themed corn mazes are most common (what’s spookier than being lost in the dark, after all?), but they can also have other themes, such as a particular movie. 

To fully embrace the seasonal spirit, a night corn maze visit works best—it’s dark outside, people dress up, and sometimes the maze will have live actors who jump out to try and scare you. Some also have games you can play while in the maze.

How to arrange a corn maze date

Research local corn mazes in your area. You can go as a couple or in a group. If you’re opting for a haunted or themed corn maze, make sure your date isn’t easily frightened!

Corn mazes are usually reasonably priced—most are around the $10 mark. This can differ from area to area, so be sure to check in advance. Be sure to bring cash, as farms aren’t as likely to have credit-card machines.

Dressing up to get into the spooky or movie spirit is fun, and you and your date can always help one another with your costumes. Of course, you can also just go in your regular clothes if dressing up isn’t your thing. 

Matt, 26, went on a corn maze date earlier this year and really enjoyed it. “My buddies set me up on a blind date,” he says. “We met in a big group at a local corn maze—I didn’t really know what to expect. Some people were dressed up, others were there with families, and there were lots of college students who also seemed to be on dates. We went on a haunted hayride and walked through the corn maze. It was really fun, and me and my date got along really well. I didn’t think we would have much opportunity to talk, but as we worked our way through the maze together, we really got to know one another.” 

Brianna, 24, has also been on a successful corn maze date. “This guy invited me to go to a corn maze, which really stood out as an original date idea,” she says. “I’d never been to a corn maze before! If I’m being honest, I was slightly apprehensive, but I love Halloween and being scared, so decided to go with it.” 

Brianna and her date had already been out a couple of times before, and this offered the chance “to do something different together,” she says. “Everyone was in fancy dress, and it was just such a buzzy atmosphere. We both got our faces painted, it felt like being a kid all over again. Me and my date kept getting lost in the maze, but it didn’t matter. When we finally got out, we celebrated with candy apples!” 

Corn maze ideas

As we’ve said, the different types of corn mazes for your date will depend on your local area. Do your research and see what’s available. While they are popular in the US, corn mazes can be found in plenty of other countries. Here are some overall corn maze ideas to help you plan the perfect date:

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Corn mazes can be pretty big and will involve a lot of walking through a (potentially muddy) field. We recommend sneakers or boots for optimum practicality. 
  • Bring a jacket. If you’re coming in costume, great! Just remember to bring an additional layer with you, especially if you’re doing a night corn maze. It can be chilly out in the open air at night. 
  • Make pre or post-maze plans. Walking around in the dark is hungry and thirsty work. Make sure both you and your date are prepared by going out to eat before you head into the maze. Alternatively, you can arrange a post-maze dinner at a nearby bar or restaurant, which will be a nice way to continue the evening if things are going well.
  • Pack snacks. If you’re watching your wallet, you can always pack drinks and snacks to bring to the maze with you. A hot flask of mulled cider or cocoa will go down easy on a cold night. 
  • Work together. Whether you attend the maze in a big group or as a couple, you’re going to have to work together to get through the maze. Facing a challenge is a great way to understand more about a person and how they approach problem-solving. 
  • Explore. Most corn mazes have other activities available, such as crazy golf, petting zoos, hayrides, and climbing walls. Make the most of your time together and try out what’s on offer while after you make it through the maze. 
  • Have fun. Remember, this is about you and your date spending time together and getting to know one another. It’s not about completing the maze the fastest or being the best! 

We hope we’ve inspired you to arrange a corn maze date night of your own. Ultimately, there are two types of corn maze dates: the fun date and the scary date. Both are guaranteed to bring you and your date closer than ever before. Corn mazes can be a lighthearted way to strengthen your cooperation and communications skills while you enjoy the crisp fall weather. A day date at a local corn maze is a great way for any type of couple to spend time together. So go get lost—and found—together!