Our Favorite June Date Ideas

Our Favorite June Date Ideas

Summer has finally arrived, and we’re here to ensure that your dating life is as hot as the tarmac. 

June is one of our favorite months for dating. There are plenty of opportunities for outside activities that extend into long, balmy evenings, but not so roasting that heat stroke becomes a real risk factor. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite June date ideas, including rooftop bars, camping trips, and farmer’s markets. 

Get things sizzling with a barbecue

Who doesn’t love a barbecue? What better way to casually show off your cooking skills, tongs in one hand, cold drink in the other? Make a day of it and head to the local market in the morning to pick out some fresh produce before getting to know each other over the grill. A great thing about a barbecue is that you don’t really need much culinary expertise—it’s just turning things over repeatedly until they’re cooked through. However, if grilling feels too advanced for you, pop yourself on salad duty and make complimentary noises about your date’s grilling prowess. Slicing buns open and providing a range of condiments are also important duties, which aren’t to be neglected.

Take a selfie in a rooftop bar 

A fantastic summer date idea, nothing beats a rooftop bar. Killer views and fancy cocktails are sure to impress even the most discerning of dates, while a skyline backdrop calls out for a potentially cringey but definitely mandatory selfie. Get ready to hard launch your relationship if you post it on your social channels. Want more rooftop date ideas?

Get down and dirty at an outdoor gig

With plenty of live-music offerings to choose from as the warmer months arrive, an outdoor gig is a relaxed way to learn more about your new connection. Know you’re fans of the same music? Easy—book two tickets to your shared favorite band. They’re into indie-rock but you’re more of an electronic aficionado? No problem—each pick a gig of your choice and show your date what makes you get down. You might just come away with a favorite new artist as well as another dance buddy.

Reconnect with nature on a camping trip

If you’re a few dates in and comfortable with your partner, getting out into nature is a great way to build a connection away from the distractions of everyday life. Grab a tent, sleeping bag, and plenty of provisions before hitting the open road to your nearest wild camping spot for s’mores and stargazing. After all, there are few quicker ways to find out whether you really like someone than by sharing a tent with them. 

Wander around a farmer’s market

An awesome way to support independent producers, head to your local farmer’s market in the morning to pick up picnic items for an alfresco day with your date. Armed with cheese, charcuterie, and artisan bread galore, your next task is to settle on the best lunch spot. 

Test your balance with some paddleboarding

What’s that saying? Couples that paddleboard together, stay together? Hm, maybe not… But there’s definitely something to be said for getting outside and active with a new match, especially if you need to diffuse dating jitters. A perfect date idea for June, there’s something calming about being on the water and having to focus on staying upright, while the potential for comedy value when you inevitably fall in is high. Extra points for claiming you need ‘rescuing’ by your date… Like this? Check out our list of the best active dates.

Turn up the heat with an outdoor exercise class

There’s nothing like getting hot and sweaty together to break down barriers. Go online to find out about outdoor exercise classes near you. There are plenty of options that cater to all levels of ability and fitness. If you’re already a couple of gym nuts, why not train each other in the park? Best of all, it’ll be free… Want more free date ideas?

Make a splash with a pool day

One of our top June date ideas, what’s not to like about lounging by a pool all day? No need to wait until you’re on vacation—plenty of hotels offer day passes to give non-guests access to their facilities. Pack sunscreen, your best swimwear, and a good book, ready for a day of poolside cocktails and club sandwiches. Resist the urge to chuck your date into the pool without asking—apparently, it’s not funny. 

Revitalize with wild swimming 

Looking for something more au natural than a boujee pool day? Popular for its purported mental health benefits, wild swimming has really kicked off in the last few years, with plenty of urbanites flocking to the countryside come the weekend to soak off city stresses in rivers and lakes. The colder the water the better! Pack up a picnic and make a day of it. 

Get competitive with some mini golf

Requiring absolutely zero golfing experience, mini golf will bring some healthy competition to your date with no risk of over-exertion. A laid-back way to find out more about your new match as you pitch and putt your way around the course, it’s an ideal way to spend a first Bumble date.

Get cozy with an outdoor movie

Find an outdoor movie screening with a drive-in, stock up the car with your favorite movie-theater snacks, park up, put the seats back, and relax. Just don’t forget the blankets. It might be June but the nights can get chilly, which also gives you all the more reason to cuddle up.

Scream if you wanna go faster at an amusement park 

Does one ever grow out of amusement parks? We think not. If you and your date are big thrillseekers, head to your nearest theme park for an adrenaline-fuelled day of fun. There’s a great excuse to grab their sweaty hand when you’re waiting for the big drop—fingers crossed the roller coasters aren’t the only thing that gives you butterflies.

Find your favorite wine at a vineyard

Gone are the days when wine tasting was reserved for the old and stuffy. A new wave of young producers have put wine on the map for hipsters, with urban wineries popping up in cities like London and New York. A novel date idea where you can enjoy drinks while learning something new, you’ll come away knowing exactly what to order off the wine list on your next dinner date (if you can remember). 

We hope we’ve inspired you to get swiping and plan some summer dates. Remember, we always want you to feel comfortable and secure, so be sure to meet first dates somewhere public, let your friends or family know where you’re going, and who you’re meeting. 

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