How To Plan a Romantic Hot Springs Break

How To Plan a Romantic Hot Springs Break

Whether you’ve been together for years or are just getting to know each other, what could be better than escaping to romantic hot springs for a spot of relaxation? It can be the perfect environment for you to connect, talk, and just enjoy being with each other. But, of course, keep safety in mind and be sure to tell someone you know where you’re heading, with who, and when you expect to be back. Then you can relax and enjoy the famous benefits associated with taking a soak in hot springs. As well as the soothing warm waters, many are rich with naturally occurring minerals like sodium, calcium and magnesium. So book a few hours, or days, away and invite your date for a romantic hot springs break you’ll both love.           

Top tips for the hot springs

Pick your springs

If you’re lucky enough to live near hot springs, why not take some time together every week to reap the benefits? But for everyone else, it might take a bit more planning. There are hot springs in incredible locations all over the world, so start by making a list of all the ones you’d like to visit. Some are isolated and in hard to reach spots, others have been harnessed in bathhouses, while some can be found in the grounds of beautiful spa resorts. So depending on how much time you have, how far you want to travel, and how much money you want to spend, there’s a hot springs date for you.

When to go on a hot springs break

You can head to hot springs at any time of the year, but take into account how bad weather might affect your chances of getting there. Stepping into thermal waters when it’s cold is a fantastic feeling, but in the summer, when it’s warmer, you can also enjoy the moments before and after hopping in, too. 

Take the pressure off

This is a tip for any romantic getaway… Just by calling it a romantic getaway you’re in danger of putting too much pressure on the time you have together, so try to think of it as just another date. A hot springs break should be all about feeling relaxed and free—not about trying to inject every second with romance. Take it easy, don’t plan every moment and just see where your break takes you. And consider going offline too. No emails, no texts, no social media— even if the hot springs are in a really ‘grammable location…      

What to pack for a hot springs break

What you pack for a hot springs break will depend on whether you’re staying overnight, and how long you’re away. But when it comes to the hot springs themselves, there are a few things you should definitely take, swimwear and towels being the obvious. You may find that at some of the more remote hot springs, people are baring all, but don’t feel pressured to strip. You’ll probably need sandals or slides as well, or even a pair of sneakers if getting to the hot springs requires a bit of a walk. Make sure you’ve got something dry to change into, and don’t forget to have drinking water on hand as the heat of the springs can leave you dehydrated.

Things for couples to do in hot springs

From post-springs snacks to spa treatments for two, there are plenty of things for couples to do at hot springs. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Soak it up

The most obvious thing to do at hot springs is to get in and enjoy! That’s what you’re there for, after all. Hot springs can be restorative, soothing and stimulating, so make the most of them and let the mineral rich waters do their thing. But, as the name suggests, they can get pretty hot, so soak for ten minutes at a time with breaks in between. After a few therapeutic dips, you should be feeling blissful in both mind and body.

Enjoy the silence

When it comes to hot springs etiquette, read the room to assess how enthusiastic the other bathers are. But in general, hot springs should be calm and peaceful, so take advantage of the opportunity to tune into nature, and tune out of the daily grind.

Find a springs for two

If you really want to escape the crowds and get away from it all with your date, seek out a remote hot springs that’s off the beaten track. You may also find that some resorts have smaller springs just big enough for two, or even private pools you can pay to use, so you won’t have to share the water with anyone else.

Get a massage

If you’re staying at a spa resort set by a hot springs, we think a therapeutic treatment is an absolute must. From body wraps to healing rituals, they may even make use of the mineral-rich mud and water found in the springs. So why not up the romance levels and book a couple’s massage? Or you could always get hands on and do it yourselves.

Get mindful

After all that hot springs soaking you’ll both be in a pretty chilled frame of mind, so embrace it and get mindful with meditation. Your resort may offer guided sessions, or simply listen to an online meditation back in the privacy of your room. Yoga is also a great way to keep those blissful hot springs feelings going, and will help to stretch out tired muscles.

Take a hike

It may be that your chosen hot springs are at the end of a long hike, which will make the moment you step in even more rewarding. And if you have to walk for an hour or two to get there, it means you’re more likely to find the springs free from crowds, and other couples on a romantic mini break. Walking together will give you even more of a chance to talk, reminisce, and make plans for the future.  

Take a picnic

If you’re venturing into the wild and your hot springs break is more of a day trip, it makes sense to take a picnic. Seriously, could this get any more romantic? Pack a blanket, a few sandwiches, and maybe even some bubbles, before choosing a picturesque spot where you can take in some awesome views.

Things to do at night in hot springs

Don’t want your date to end? Here are some things to do at night on a hot springs break.

Soak under the stars

If you thought relaxing in hot springs with your date was romantic, wait until you try it at night. With stars twinkling overhead and fewer people around, it’s a dreamy way to spend time together. This only really works, however, if your hot springs are part of a resort. At a spa, the path to the pools will be lit and safe to navigate, and there may even be underwater lights illuminating the water. But remote springs that require a hike should probably be avoided after dark.

Go stargazing

If you’re on a hot springs getaway you’re likely to be in a wide open area of natural beauty, far away from city street lights. This means you’re probably in a great spot for some stargazing. Grab a blanket and find a quiet place to lie back and take in the wonder of the night sky. You could take a bottle of wine, or how about a flask of hot cocoa? Use a star map (there are plenty available online) to help you find the constellations above, and to work out whether you’re looking at a star, a planet, or even a meteor shower.

Stay in

After a day of pure relaxation and hot springs goodness, you’ll probably be feeling a little sleepy. So don’t fight it. If you’re back at home, get takeout and watch a movie, or if you’re staying at a resort, order room service and chill out in those incredibly fluffy hotel robes. Bliss.

Anyone looking for a date with a difference should put a romantic hot springs break on their bucket list. From soothing waters to incredible landscapes, there are endless opportunities to connect and make memories with your Bumble match.