Summer Date Ideas

Summer Date Ideas

The unofficial dating season of the calendar year is here—that’s right, it’s summertime. With the sun shining and temperatures rising, we can totally see why it’s a favorite time to meet new people. Fortunately, we have plenty of summer date ideas from our global dating community to share with you, so grab your portable fan and reusable water bottle—it’s going to be a summer to remember. 

Cute Summer Date Ideas 

Whether you’re looking for first date ideas for summer, or fun summer date ideas, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start with the day time, because, let’s face it, in summer it can feel like the days are never going to end. “People are less sad and cold,” says Georgia, 32. “Because everyone is already out, you actually meet people in a more organic way.” She’s not wrong—it can be much easier to persuade people to leave their house in the summertime. Heading to a local park or beach to catch some rays—and hopefully somebody’s eye—is a great cute summer date idea. All you need is a blanket, some sunscreen, and some refreshments for two. Simple summer first date sorted.

Georgia also tells us that summer is “the opposite of cuffing season,” and we think that’s a great thing! More casual connections, and being open to meeting multiple people, is what summer is all about for many single people. There’s plenty of time for getting bae-ed up once the winter rolls around, and you can read more about cuffing season here. Another cute summer date idea—and a great way to meet people in your area who have been hibernating for the past few months—is to hit up local events. Take your Bumble match with you to an outdoor concert or a street fair and don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with some like minded strangers as well.

Isabel, 27, points out a funny benefit to summer romance: “An important thing about why dating is so great in summer is that everyone is wearing less clothes,” she says. Now, get your mind out of the gutter for a second! In winter, everyone is wrapped up in scarves, coats, and knitwear. It can be difficult to initially determine whether or not you’re attracted to someone. In summer, it’s much more free flowing—think denim cut offs, crop tops, sandals. It’s time for a less practical, more carefree wardrobe, one that’s reflected in people’s spirits. Outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, climbing, and swimming become much more realistic date ideas in summer—you’re more inclined to do something if you don’t need to wear or pack a thousand layers. Read more about outdoor dates here. Another idea is to try an easy sport, like tennis or pickleball, that doesn’t require much equipment. You don’t have to be a great player—learning (or failing) together can be half the fun.

If you don’t fancy actually playing sports, there’s plenty you can watch instead. “Watching a tennis match is a great summer date,” suggests Gemma, 31. Find a local game, or if you’re feeling adventurous, travel to a higher profile match. It’s a perfect summer first date—there’s enough going on so that you aren’t reliant on the conversation, a sports crowd atmosphere is exciting, and a post-match beverage in the sunshine is an ace move.

Summer Date Night Ideas

Looking for a date that goes from day to night? In our opinion, festivals are the perfect summer day to night date idea. They usually start around midday, so you can soak up the sunshine and continue the party late on into the night. With a great mix of music, food, and people watching, there’s generally never a dull moment. There’s bound to be plenty going on in your local area to suit all kinds of interests, so grab a couple of tickets and bring your Bumble date. Make sure to check that it’s their kind of thing first, though! 

June, of course, is Pride Month, and depending on where you live there are likely big Pride festivals and events where you can celebrate, regardless of your sexuality. If you don’t identify as queer, you can still show your support of the LGBTQIA+ community while also having a fantastic time with your Bumble match.  

Of course, another simple summer date night idea is to hit up a rooftop bar or a beer garden. Lizzie, 28, says rooftop bars are her favorite part of dating in summer. “If you time it right so that you can both watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand, there’s nothing more romantic!” Read more about rooftop dates here.  Ingrid, 32, is partial to bar hopping in the summer. “I love the long nights of summer when it’s a great date and you go from one bar closing to another one that stays open until the sunrise,” she says. It’s true, life can feel limitless in summer. When the weather is good, the drinks are flowing, and the sun sets late, you can easily lose track of time if you’re enjoying the company of your date.

Summer Double Date Ideas

If you’re still getting to know someone and concerned about awkward silences, why not try a double date? It’s a great way to introduce your date to your friends or meet theirs; as we said before, summer can definitely be the time to meet as many people as possible and expand your social circle. Summer double dates are an easy way to feel more comfortable. “I always feel much safer dating in the summer,” says Lizzie, 28. “It’s easier to get friends involved for park walks or iced coffee stops.” When you’re meeting someone one on one, it can feel a bit intimidating, especially for a first date when you’re moving from online to offline. Bringing another couple along can be a casual way to make you feel more secure. 

Also, double dates don’t require too much though: Pretty much all of the summer date ideas we’ve shared here work as a double date. Riding bikes, renting rowing boats, catching an outdoor movie, visiting an amusement park, going stargazing, watching a sporting event, arranging a picnic—all the best summer date ideas work perfectly as summer double date ideas. 

End Of Summer Date Ideas

All good things must come to an end, summer being another one of them. But there’s still plenty of opportunities to date when the season is drawing to a close. “Everything is much less busy towards the end of summer,” says Patrick, 28. It’s also likely to be cheaper—things like amusement parks usually have on- and off-peak prices, so it might be worth saving that trip as an end of summer date idea.

It’s also likely to be cooler in temperature, and if you aren’t a fan of the heat, this can work in your favor. “I love dating in summer, but I do get a bit flustered going to meet someone when it’s burning hot outside, and my makeup is dripping down my face,” says Emily, 29. A picnic or park hang might be best saved for the end of summer—you’ll also have more space on the grass to put down your blanket, as less people will be jostling for the ultimate sunspot.  

So there you have it, the best summer date ideas straight from the mouths of our Bumble community. Come June it really is all about having a good time and meeting new people. Megan, for one, has the right attitude: “I’m excited for lots of fun dates and entanglements and plenty of non-drama flirting and fun.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Discover even more summer date ideas here.