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How can I cancel Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium if I bought it with my credit card/ PayPal account?

You may have subscribed to Bumble Premium or Bumble Boost using your credit card or PayPal account before our changes to payment methods on Android devices* and you can follow these steps to cancel:

  1. Select the profile icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen
  2. Select on "My Pay Plan" and then "Boost" or "Premium" depending on what option you are currently subscribed to
  3. Use the option on-screen to cancel

If you’ve subscribed using your credit card or PayPal account on Bumble Web, follow these steps to cancel:

  1. Select your profile photo in the upper left of the screen
  2. Choose “Manage your Boost or Manage your Premium”
  3. Select “Unsubscribe” beneath the summary of your Boost subscription in the middle of the screen

*If you’re an Android member in our community, you now have to sign up for Bumble Premium services through Google Play if you want to make an in-app purchase and cancellation should be done through your Google Play account. For members using Bumble Web, you can still use a Credit Card or your PayPal account if you wish to sign up again to a Bumble Premium subscription.