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What is Travel and how does it work?

[* Note: If you are using an iOS Travel mode is now only available as part of our Bumble Premium subscription and will automatically be available as a feature when you upgrade.  If you are located in the US, Canada, France, or Germany and using an Android you can still purchase Travel mode with coins.*]

Going to a conference in a few days and wish you could start networking now? Moving to a new city and want to connect with a new BFF to show you the best spots? Got a dream vacation coming up and looking for a bae to dance the night away with? No matter if you’re heading down the road or across the globe our Travel feature helps you form the important connections you’re looking for on your own time.

When you activate Travel you can select the city your profile appears in for seven days. Your location will show as the center of the city you’ve chosen (at this time you will not be able to select an exact location) and an indicator will display so other users know you’re using Travel.

Here's how to activate Travel mode: 

1. Open Settings by tapping on the grey gear in the upper left-hand corner of the app

2. Scroll to the Location section at the bottom and tap “Travel to…”

3. Search the city you’d like to appear in and select it

4. If you are using an Android and listed in the countries mentioned above, five Bumble coins will be deducted from your balance (or you will be directed to purchase them). If you are currently subscribed to Bumble Premium and using an iOS, Travel Mode will automatically activate after making your selection. 

5. A timer will appear under your location in settings so you know how much longer you have left