Budget-Friendly Spa Dates For Couples

Budget-Friendly Spa Dates For Couples

Romantic walks down golden leafy paths, coffee dates with the aroma of pumpkin-spiced hot drinks, cozy sweaters, and spooky movie marathons. Fall is truly here, and it brings with it all the lovely, toasty, warm things that make it the ultimate dating season. But, as the air takes on a refreshing crispness, there’s no denying the effect the change of seasons has on our skin. While the crisp, cool air can bring relief for some, those of you experiencing a colder fall may become victim to dryness, flakiness, itchiness, and a less-than-lustrous complexion. These blustery days can threaten to dampen the glow of your romantic rendezvous. But don’t worry—a couples’ spa day is the perfect opportunity to give your skin (and your partner) a little extra TLC.

So toss aside those spring flings and summer love stories, because fall is when you’ll fall in love all over again, your skin included, one hot stone massage at a time. We’ve pulled together this list to make planning your couples’ spa date a little easier.

Planning a spa day date

If you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy a spa date, you could always consider a one-day spa experience. Plenty of local spas and wellness centers offer affordable packages that include multiple relaxing treatments and day-pass access to their on-site facilities. 

Choose a local spa for couples

Online discount websites are a great place to start as they often have coupons, discount codes, and package deals for couples’ spa days. Just make sure you read reviews and check the spa’s offerings to ensure they have treatments that you would both enjoy.

Plan ahead

Spa day bookings tend to get snapped up pretty quickly. Try to book your treatments in advance to secure your preferred time slots. It’s also worth noting that many spas offer special deals or discounts on off-peak bookings which are normally on weekdays. So, if possible, try booking some time off and scheduling your date during the workweek. Who doesn’t want a long weekend and much-needed R&R on a Monday?

Pack light

You won’t need to pack much for this day spa date (after all, you won’t be wearing many clothes for most of it!). Just bring comfortable clothing, swimwear if there’s a pool or hot tub, and any specific skincare products that you may prefer (though the facility is likely to have something that works for you).

Enjoy a relaxing day

And there you have it! You’ve planned the perfect spa day for you and your date. Arrive early to make the most of the facilities available, take a dip in the pool, enjoy each other’s company in the relaxation areas, and don’t forget to get hot and steamy (by visiting the saunas and steam rooms, of course). Absorb every moment of your treatments and relish the tranquility of a day dedicated to relaxation.

Post-Spa date night in

A little bonus tip: If you don’t want the fun to end, you could always book a budget hotel located nearby and go out for a nice meal at one of your favorite spots! Again, it’s more affordable to do this on a weekday if you can swing it.

Or if you’re heading home, who says the pampering has to stop once you've stepped out of the spa? Order in from your favorite local restaurant, then snuggle up under a plush blanket and watch your favorite flick or binge-watch a new series. Keep the connection bubbling and enjoy slow, quality time together.

Romantic spa getaway

If you’re looking for a chance to get away for intimate moments, relaxation and memories, why not plan an all-inclusive romantic spa getaway? Many resorts offer packages that include luxurious accommodations, gourmet dining, and a wide range of couples spa treatments. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up or you’ve been saving up for something fancy, this is your moment.

Choose the perfect destination

When you’re looking for a luxury spa day for couples, the possibilities are endless. Take into consideration the type of getaway you’d like and the type of destination your partner would enjoy. If you’re into climbing and long walks, try looking for a mountainside retreat. Lovers of the sea? Check out a coastal escape. City life more your thing? There are plenty of city-break spa experiences available—you just have to choose the right location that sets the mood for your type of romance.

Indulge in all-inclusive luxury

Once you have your destination picked, your package chosen, and your getaway booked, you’re well on your way! When you arrive, all you have to do is lie back and let the pampering begin. Enjoy couples massages, facials, and body treatments that’ll rejuvenate your skin ready for the colder months. Savor gourmet meals, and relish in breathtaking views. The only thing you’ll need to think about is how to spend your time between spa sessions.

Planning a cozy at-home spa date

If going out isn’t your style or you’re looking for a more intimate experience with your date, you can create a spa date right at home. Here’s how:

Set the mood

Anything is possible with a couple of fairy lights, scented candles, and soft music. Transform your home into a spa sanctuary with some low lighting, soothing music, and fresh towels. Create a serene atmosphere that’ll instantly put you both in relaxation mode.

DIY couples’ spa treatments

Whip out the face masks, foot masks, and cucumber slices for this one. Research DIY spa treatments you can do together and take turns to pamper one another. Homemade sugar scrubs can be fun to make before using them in your at-home spa. Back rubs and foot massages are also popular choices for easy, at-home treatments.

Snack ideas

Team up in the kitchen to prepare some light refreshments for your special spa night. Healthy snacks and refreshing drinks such as fruit-infused water, herbal teas, and a platter of fresh fruits and nuts tend to go down well. If you’re going for that extra special vibe, why not make some chocolate-covered strawberries? See more fun cooking ideas here.

Disconnect and enjoy

Just as you would at a professional spa, turn off your phones, get away from distractions and enjoy this time dedicated to each other and relaxation. To enhance your experience (if you’re comfortable enough with your date and have consent of course), you could enjoy a hot bath or shower together. Follow this with a cozy movie night, a quiet evening of food and conversation, or even stargazing. The key is to be present in the moment and cherish each other’s company.

So whether you’re planning a lavish weekend getaway, a budget-friendly day at the local spa, or a spa experience at home, the options for spa dates for couples are as diverse as your relationship. Fall sets the perfect backdrop for romance and self-care, and a spa date is a fantastic way to embrace it. So, no matter your budget or preferences there’s a spa date that’s perfect for you and your chosen person. 

We hope that our list has helped you to plan the ultimate spa date. All these ideas are perfect for keeping your LTR fun and fresh, but can also be used to keep things exciting at the start of something new. And if you’re on the lookout for a spa partner, sign up to Bumble and find them now!