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How do I opt out of profile sharing between BFF mode and Bumble For Friends?

We automatically share profiles across BFF mode and Bumble For Friends so that everyone who uses BFF mode in the Bumble app and everyone using the Bumble For Friends app will be able to swipe on, match with and message the same people. So, if you are a member of BFF in Bumble or a member of Bumble For Friends, your profile will automatically be visible in both of these apps.

The reason for this profile sharing is to make sure there are enough potential friends for everyone as we launch our new Bumble For Friends app. Profile sharing across both apps happens automatically once Bumble For Friends has been launched in your location.

If you object to your profile being shown on both BFF Mode in Bumble and on our Bumble For Friends app, please follow the steps below depending on which app you have joined:

  • Members of BFF Mode on the Bumble app should switch to another mode (Date or Bizz) and stop using BFF mode. Note, there’s no need to turn off Date or Bizz Mode. Your profile won’t show on the Bumble For Friends app.
  • Members of Bumble For Friends app should delete their Bumble For Friends account.
  • If you are a member of BFF Mode on Bumble and also a member of Bumble For Friends, it is necessary to disable BFF Mode in Settings and delete your Bumble For Friends account to completely prevent profile sharing. 

Taking the above steps will stop us sharing your profile across both apps. Please note that this will mean you won’t be able to use BFF and Bumble For Friends anymore if you object to profile sharing across both apps.

Note you can still use Date Mode and Bizz Mode in the Bumble app. Membership of Bumble Date and/or Bumble Bizz will not trigger automatic profile display on our Bumble For Friends app or on any other apps we own.

Legal Info:

Under data protection law, we are required to tell you our lawful basis for using your data. For profile sharing, the lawful basis we rely on is our legitimate interests, and specifically our legitimate interests in providing you with social networking opportunities in our apps and making sure there is a rich pool of potential friends for you to connect with.