Romantic & Fun February Date Ideas 

Romantic & Fun February Date Ideas 

It’s the official month of romance. With spring on its way, it’s time to make the most of what’s left of the cozy season. Whether you’re looking for something with a wintery twist, or got Valentine’s day on the mind, we’ve got you covered with February date ideas. Find date inspiration for long term couples, those meeting up for the first time, and everything in between. 

Date night ideas for February

As the chilly nights continue into February, opting for warm and inviting venues can provide a particularly comfortable setting for dates. Think cozy coffee shops, bars with fireplaces, and restaurants serving up winter warmer menus. Looking for something a little more unusual? How about one of these:

Have an indoor picnic

There’s nothing quite as a romantic as a picnic, but blustery February weather makes doing this outside a little more challenging. How about holding it indoors instead? Dig out your picnic blanket, and pick up your favorite picnic eats. Don’t forget the fizz! You can set the mood with candles and twinkle lights, especially if you're having your little feast in the evening. Put an afternoon spin on this concept with a picnic brunch. Pastries, mimosas, pancakes, waffles - this would make a great afternoon date on the weekend.

If you’re meeting up for the first time, maybe find a neutral space for your winter picnic. Some parks have gazebos along with picnic tables. If you’re worried about getting chilly, you could always pack fuzzy blankets in your picnic basket. Plus thermoses filled with hot drinks or soup should go down pretty well.

Attend a virtual event

It can be very tempting to stay in during February. So how about bringing the entertainment straight to your living room? Virtual events like theater live streams, Q and A sessions with notable people, and online escape rooms provide the fun of going out, but without actually having to leave your home. You might be more comfortable doing this one once you’ve gotten to know your date a little more, especially if you’re inviting them into your personal space. You may also find local bars and cafes will stream some of these virtual events - these provide a great alternative.

Take part in an arcade tournament

Are you a whizz at video games, and does your date fancy a challenge? How about an arcade game tournament? Whether you hit up your nearby arcade, or head to a video game bar, this is a great way to show off your winning moves and indulge in a little friendly competition. Even if not, it can still be a lot of fun! Some venues have specialist retro games consoles and units, which is great for a date with a nostalgic twist.

Get active with indoor sports

Bowling, rock climbing, hitting up your local ice skating rink - there are plenty of indoor sports available. Great for blowing off some steam, this is a great date option if you both have a shared interest in keeping active.

February 14th date ideas

Make a date for St. Valentine's day with one of these ideas. If you’re in a committed relationship, you might be in the mood for something a little bit different. So if you’re looking for alternatives to dinner at a restaurant, keep reading. Red roses, teddy bears, and boxes of chocolates are optional (but probably very welcome!)

Enjoy a chocolate tasting workshop

What says Valentines more than chocolate? Tantalize both of your tastebuds with a chocolate making workshop. Or if you want to cut right to it - opt for a chocolate tasting session. Whether you’re a milk chocolate person, or have a real soft spot for caramel, there’s plenty for you both to enjoy here. You could even practice the skills you learnt on a follow up date!

Attend a comedy show

For those looking for something that’s not classically valentines-y, how about a comedy show? You could hit up an open mic night, or grab tickets to your favorite comic on tour. This is a good opportunity for either of you to share the type of comedy you enjoy, or take a risk! Whether you love it or hate it, you’ll have plenty to talk about afterwards.

Go on a walking tour

This is one for the history buffs. Attending a walking tour combines gentle activity with learning something new. Relatively lowkey, this could be a great option for a first valentines day spent together. There are so many types of tours too - from beautiful old theaters, museums, galleries, to local landmarks. If you’re both a little bit adventurous, how about a ghost tour?

Visit somewhere new

A nearby village, a nature reserve, a trip to the city - exploring a new space with someone special is always fun. This is one for those who have been with each other for a while. Make a list of places you’d like to visit, pack up the car, and get traveling! You could go for anything from a day trip to a weekend stay. Get a little fancy and make a booking at a hotel too!

A date to remember

Enjoy the most romantic month of the year with a memorable February date. Whether you want to cozy up inside or fancy something a little adventurous, there’s plenty to do during this season of love. From first dates to long term celebrations, we hope you have the best time.