October Date Ideas

October Date Ideas

Summer seemed like it might last forever, but finally, cozy season is upon us. (Sweater weather!) It’s getting darker earlier, the temperature is dropping, and the leaves are falling—but we promise these are all good things! They also make for plenty of great October date ideas and opportunities. 

We’ve compiled a list of October-appropriate activities for you and your Bumble match to try. From spooky-themed to outdoor-focused, there’s plenty of October date ideas in our guide to suit everyone. 

Cute October date ideas

Cozy season means a whole host of opportunities to snuggle up and be romantic. Here are our favorite cute date ideas for October:

Enjoy a hot cocoa

Simple but effective, you can either take your date out to your preferred local cafe or have a DIY hot cocoa making session at home (once you know one another well enough, of course). Just don’t forget to stock up on marshmallows and whipped cream for the ultimate toppings. (Chocolate not your thing? You can always opt for that notorious fall treat, the pumpkin spiced latte.) Instead of sitting sedentary at the cafe or on your couch, take your cocoas to go and walk around a leafy park for a romantic October date idea.

Explore local markets and festivals 

From beer festivals to fall farmers’ markets, you don’t have to look far for October date ideas wherever you live. Check out what’s going on in your area, and bring your Bumble match along for an afternoon of sampling, tasting, drinking, and maybe even some home cooking if things go well. 

Finding the ingredients to a fall-themed recipe is a great way to work together and get to know one another. We recommend hearty, yet simple-to-make dishes like stews, roasted vegetables, or pies.

Have a fall picnic

Picnics aren’t just a summer thing. A crisp fall day is perfect for sharing a meal al fresco and enjoying the great outdoors, especially with your significant other. Make sure to choose a day with a good weather forecast, wrap up warm, and pack a blanket. Make your picnic lunch together or surprise your date with a mix of tasty treats, along with a thermos of hot cocoa or cider.

Host a game night

Don’t turn your nose up just yet—board games can be a really fun way to get to know a new person. Once you’re comfortable doing so, invite your Bumble match over and dig out your favorite board or card games. If you aren’t at that stage yet, plenty of cafes or coffee shops have board games or host game nights that you can attend instead. That can also be a great opportunity to meet more people in your area! 

You can learn a lot about your date by how they play a game. Will they be competitive, a sore loser, or a master of the board? All important things to know before you potentially settle down and get serious. Why not invite some friends over for multiple-player fun? Snacks and scoreboards make for a perfect October date idea.

Fun October date ideas

OK let’s dial it up a notch. Being cute is all well and good, but if you’re feeling adventurous, here are some of our top fun date ideas for October:

Watch scary movies

Cozy season can switch to spooky season real fast. Halloween is the most important date in October (you can read our dedicated guide to Halloween date ideas here), and what better way to prepare than by watching classic horror movies? Make sure you're ready to comfort your date if they get scared (or the other way around). 

You can also change things up by bringing your laptop to your deck, backyard, or apartment's rooftop for an outdoor viewing—just remember to bring blankets and snacks. 

Take a hike

Fall is a beautiful time of year, so taking the opportunity to get out in nature for a hike is a perfect October date idea. Look up some hiking trails in your local area, and make sure to plan ahead. Ensure both you and your date have the right footwear (no blisters, please), pack plenty of water and snacks, wrap up warm, and then get on out there. Pick a spot known for prime leaf-peeping so you can enjoy the fall colors.

Carve pumpkins

Continuing with the Halloween theme, carving pumpkins is another fun October date idea. You can shop for the perfect pumpkins together at your local farmers’ market or grocery store, bring them home, and get creative. Be careful when using sharp knives or instruments as you don’t want to send your date home with an injury. Once you’ve both carved your chosen designs, you can light them with tealights and put your pumpkins out on display for the big day.

Go camping and build a bonfire

Going camping with your date can be a romantic bonding experience, but we only recommend it once you know each other well enough. Make sure to always let a friend or family member know your whereabouts, and remember to pack the camping essentials—read our tips on camping dates here.

Once you’ve pitched your tent, it’s time to tackle the bonfire. Keeping each other warm around a fire you’ve built together can definitely take your relationship to the next level. Choose an open, outdoor space, and either gather wood or buy some ahead of time for a bonfire. Make sure to take plenty of safety precautions to ensure both you and your date don’t get harmed by the flames. And, of course, you have to pack ingredients for s’mores as a delicious reward for all your hard work.  

Home trick-or-treating

While you and your date are old to go knocking on doors for candy, you can still dress up. If you’re crafty, why not help one another make Halloween costumes? It’s likely you’ll have something you can repurpose already stashed in your wardrobe. Once you’re both sorted in your outfits, you can stay home and eat all the candy you like, without having to ask for it (there are some benefits to being an adult…)!  

Best October date ideas

We hope you agree that these are the best October date ideas. But make sure you choose the ones that are most appealing to you—dating is always best when you’re being yourself.  There’s little point in doing activities like hiking or camping if they make you feel stressed or anxious. Of course, it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, but take everything at your own pace and don’t feel pressured. Ideally these October date ideas will have something for everyone, whether you’re an indoors or outdoors person, scary movie fanatic or board-game obsessive. In the end, it’s all about having fun.