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How can I Extend a match?

We created Extend for all our busy bees out there who may need just a little more time to get a connection off the ground. When you use Extend you add an additional 24 hours to the countdown timer in our Date and BFF modes. Everyone gets one free Extend a day to use on someone who really gets them buzzing, and our Bumble Premium and Bumble Boost subscribers are able to use Extend on an unlimited number of matches.

Women are able to activate Extend before they send the first message in all matches. In matches with women, non-binary people and men can use Extend if the first move hasn’t been made within the first 24 hours. In same-gender matches, matches with two non-binary people, or matches between non-binary people and men, either member is able to Extend at any time before someone makes the first move.

To activate Extend follow these steps:

1. Tap on the connection you’d like to Extend

2. Tap on “Extend” to add 24 hours to the timer (your button may read “Daily Extend” if you’re using your free Extend for that day)