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Why did my Beeline decrease when I purchased Bumble Premium?

We get it -- it can definitely be confusing when your Beeline number decreases after purchasing Bumble Premium. The good news is all of those bees are still there waiting to meet you! Before purchasing Bumble Premium, your filters aren’t applied to the Beeline but once you’ve purchased, the filters you have set are then automatically applied.

This means your age and distance preferences and any Advanced Filters that you have set will filter out users in your Beeline. All you have to do is relax those filters (don’t worry -- you can reapply them at any point) and your Admirers will appear in your Beeline again.

Your Beeline works this way so you don’t miss out on meeting a potential match. We want you to have the opportunity to match with all bees that express an interest in you.

If you see no change after removing your filters, feel free to reach out to our Support team here.